ATT - Att Home Div.Customer Service is Incompetent

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 9:57pm CST by 803ec0dd

Product: internet, phone, tv

Company: ATT

Location: US

URL: http://ATT.COM/

Category: Other

I have been an ATT wireless customer for more than 10 years with few problems. When I did have a problem the wireless team resolved them in a professional manner. So please tell me what bungling idiots are at the head of the home service division???

As I have been trying to resolve my issues Att Wireless has made it clear to me that home service is a separate division. They can only provide limited assistance in resolving my issue and cannot access my home account. Separate Division? They must be on a separate planet. The customer service between the two divisions is like night and day. The people in the home division are unprofessional and incompetent. From the woman who took my order who kept putting me on hold or talked louder over her crying baby. To the man who assured me my order was cancelled, but wouldnt provide proof in writing, than shipped product and a bill two weeks later. Dealing with this division has been a nightmare.

When I moved in Oct 2011 I contacted ATT to provide home services for my new place. Phone, internet, and TV. From order to order nothing has gone right. I went through weeks of troubleshooting a wireless device that never worked. Appointments for installation that were never kept. As of today the most recent order, Billing Account Number (BAN): 116281672, is a DSL box that doesnt connect and multiple service appointments that were never kept. I havent been able to successfully use any ATT product in my place in all these months.

At this point regardless of the positive experience I had with the wireless division in the past the tediously inconvenient and often upsetting experience I have had with the home side has made me decide to cancel everything and go to Verizon. They have a great deal right now for Home Phone, TV, and Internet.


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