Texas Environmental Landscaping. LLC - Landscape Contractor Fail

Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 8:11am CST by d267934a

Product: Landscape and Sprinkler System

Company: Texas Environmental Landscaping. LLC

Location: 6690 HWY 281N

URL: http://www.quicktransportsolutions.com/truckingcompany/texas/texas-environmental-landscaping-llc-usdot-2155704.php

Category: Home, Garden

ON Nov, 2011 we picked Texas Environmental Landscaping, LLC out of the three contractors we interviewed to do our first major landscaped job. When we first met Mr. Fouts (Owner Contractor Texas Environmental Landscaping, LLC) he appeared professional, dependable, and trustworthy. We accepted Mr. Nate Fouts contract proposal costing $35,000.00. Mr. Fouts has been paid in full for the job. However, under warranty/guaranty there are problems that needed to be fixed. There are items that needed to be repaired, replace and do over because of substandard quality, poor workmanship, and/or incorrectly installed products.

Since April 2011, we have tried countless times contacting Mr. Nate Fouts via emails, texts, phone calls, and voicemails but he has not replied.

The problems are as follows:

Sprinkler System:

a)Pipes exposed and above the ground

b)Sprinkler heads are inadequate and mismatched

c)Sprinkler heads are breaking off the main line.

d)Zones are over loaded (too many sprinkler heads)

Cement debris and rock pile

a)Did not haul away cement debris and rock piles

Back yard landscaping

a)Hydro mulch was not done properly (Mr. Nate Fouts told us that the hydro-mulch would be just as nice as the sod but not instant.). Grass grew in the winter months but when the summer came, the grass turned brown. He planted annual rye instead of regular grass seed. More than a year later and the back is still 75 %dirt.

b)Mr. Fouts told us he reseeded but there are no new emerging grass.

c)I watered the yard twice a day hoping something comes out of the ground but nothing.

d)Sods dried out and died where the faulty sprinklers.

Electrical work

a)Wiring to the water fountains and landscape lighting were not in code compliance.

We are not satisfied with the result and service Texas Environmental, LLC provided us. It really saddens us that the first time we decided to make a major investment it turned out to be a bad experience.

Other items where Mr. Fouts did not deliver according to the contract:

1. The finished product is short on the design we agreed on.

2. Proper treatment prior to putting down the topsoil was not done.

3. Other things promised but not done, like creating steps with the rocks for the BBQ area, flowers around the sidewalk by the front water feature; cover the dent on the wall with left over grout from the water feature.

5. Rear water feature, the hole was not dug deep enough and instead of digging deeper you cut the tank.

6. No under liner to prevent weeds in the front yard where the river rocks are.

7. The worst decision was agreeing with your recommendation to the back yard $3,600 hydro-mulch. The hydro-mulch would be just as nice as the front but not instant. It almost 9 months later and the back is still 75%


8. The rocks. We agreed on using the existing rocks to eliminate the pile. But then a new pile was created when the back dirt was being spread out. It was agreed that they would be removed. Until now we are still waiting for them to be removed. I've asked as an alternative that you at least move them to the edge of our lot so we don't have a pile to look at. It's now been over 3 months since I've asked that you at least move them versus remove them.

So what are our options? He has been paid in full but we haven't gotten what we paid for. No customer should be treated this way or have to wait this long to get what they paid for.


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9cf10b27, 2012-11-28, 11:19AM CST

Take him to court I'm trying find the piece crap he owns me money and dosemt want to pay because of his own stupid mistakes if know where he live let me now

Kristi B., 2013-07-03, 03:59PM CDT

We have also had a horrible experience with Mr. Nate Fouts and Texas Environmental Landscaping. He took a total of $27, 000 from us and left us with a horrible result that is failing in everyday. PLEASE DO NOT USE HIM!!!

I believe he lives in Comal County, but we are trying to locate him as well. Please let me know if you have an address that is a residence so we can file.

Anne L., 2014-01-10, 05:32PM CST

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