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Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 5:10pm CST by daa24237

Product: David Lasalla

Company: Strategic Roofing

Colorado Springs, CO, US

Category: Other

David Lasalla and his crew are professional con artists and flat out thieves. They ripped off multiple homeowners in my neighborhood after a major hailstorm resulted in countless insurance claims for new roofs. Although Strategic's crew hails from Colorado, they were quick to setup shop in Kansas City for their little show. They even use a mailbox service that makes it appear as if the have a local address. They use answering services with local area codes for all their 'locations' listed on their website. What a joke. If you're a prospect, you'll get a call back immediately. But once you sign with them, be warned: you'll wait weeks for a call back, if you get one at all.

Perhaps the most fraudulent thing about them is that they actually performed some work around the neighborhood, no doubt to help convince other suspicious homeowners of their legitimacy. Do note that Strategic simply sub-contracts their labor. And they don't they don't pay them, as evidenced by one of their workers' wives stopping by our house to tell us about it. These guys don't actually do anything themselves but steal from those who work for a living. Once they got enough houses on board, several that we know of in our neighborhood, they collected their deposits and disappeared. We're talking well in excess of $10,000 in blatant theft.

These guys are crooks and they are liars.

Do not trust or hire anyone representative of Strategic Roofing or any business affiliated with David Lasalla.

Here are the names and addresses of people listed on Strategic Roofing's own website as referrals. If you know any of these people, perhaps let them know that their endorsement is being used in a con


Bianca Macias

Westminister, CO 80030

David Bucholtz

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Bishop Court Condominiums

Castle Rock, CO 80104

Duane Custer

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Brad and Kim Bush

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Felix Reynosa

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Bryan ORear

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Full Gospel Korean Church

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Heidi Stirm

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Michelle Stainbrook

1102 Griffith Street

Georgetown, CO 80444

Jeffrey Fry

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Paul Martin

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

John Pehrson

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Scott Keller

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Kim Sekutera

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Steve Shepard

Castle Rock, CO 80109

Mark Cates

Castle Rock, CO 80104

Timothy Symons & Sandra Mcafee-Symons

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Michael Papai

6260 Dazzling Court

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Michael Torsney

Lakewood, CO 80232

Dan Rubin

Fountain, CO. 80817


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