Rooms to go - Bad product and bad service from Rooms to go

Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2012 at 11:13am CST by f26aef18

Product: King Koil Mattress

Company: Rooms to go

Location: 6288 Dawson Blvd, Norcross, GA 30093
Norcross, GA, 30093, US

Category: Other

I bought a King Koil mattress from "Rooms to go" store in Norcross, GA. They told me it was a floor sample and no return or exchange. The mattress ($379) with tax came out to be $444. But the mattress did not even last for 2 weeks - all the padding and spring got compressed bad and does not support back any more. So I quit using this mattress after 2 weeks. When I talked to them, they would not want to help me in any way. They should not be selling this kind of mattress to begin with. $379 mattress lasting for 2 weeks only - It is simply not acceptable. It is too much money to lose. I have bought many mattresses in the past and did not have a bad experience until I went to "Rooms to Go" store. In a floor model mattress, you would expect the mattress to be little dirty or cosmetic changes. The mattress was only manufactured on Dec 27, 2011 and I bought it on Jan 28, 2012 (less than a month after it was manufactured).

Just because we bought a floor model, it does not mean it should last only 2 weeks.


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