B&Q - B&Q won't refund for faulty Valspar paint

Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2012 at 12:48am CST by ea8f4c09

Product: Valspar Premium Walls & Ceilings

Company: B&Q

Location: GB

URL: http://www.diy.com/

Category: Other


I purchased two 5L tins of B&Q's Valspar Premium 'super scrub formula, maximum durability' paint (69.95) for my walls. I applied the paint as instructed on the tin. A week later I rested a clothes airer against the wall, as I had done for years previously without problem, and when I moved it the paint stuck to it and came away from the wall. I tried moving it to another spot and the same thing happened. I wrote to B&Q asking for a refund as the paint was not fit for purpose. After 4 months of chasing them up for responses, answering (and reanswering) their questions, being fobbed off to the manufacturer, answering the manufacturer's lengthy questionnaire and chasing them up some more they finally offered me a 25 gift voucher as a final offer. I had requested that all communication be made in writing, either by post or by e-mail. They said that carrying out the investigation would be difficult if the could not speak with me. Their offer would just cover the cost of purchasing a small tin of the same paint that would cover one coat on the walls.

I wrote back saying that I would not accept their offer, but would accept 50 to cover the additional costs of travelling to pick up the paint, time to reapply the paint and the considerable inconvenience that the whole incident has caused me, on the proviso that if the same thing happens again I will get a full refund. I requested that if that was not acceptable, I'd like the name and mailing address of someone at head office who I could write to about the matter.

They did not respond so I wrote back asking again for a contact at head office.

They wrote back reiterating their 25 offer and supplying me with the contact details.

At this point, I feel like asking for a full refund again and being done with them.

Thanks in advance for any advice/support.

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61c8e884, 2012-04-12, 06:57AM CDT

I purchased a Valspar Premium Mixed Paint and I found that it was full of Bits (dried Paint) inside the 5ltr Tin. I have not complained because I had already started the Walls and needed to finish. I can only assume that it is a poor (or Cheap) base white that they use. Either way I am not impressed with the product having paid Top Price. It also dries very rubbery and does not adhere well to the undercoat (i did 2 undercoats). Even after 2 undercoats, I needed 2 coats of the paint, despite being advised to the contary. I would not recommend this product.

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