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Posted on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at 9:47pm CST by 829ddb25

Company: Best Buy

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I went to the Best Buy local store in Pasadena Texas last week. I went to purchase a 24" flat screen TV Combo with DVD.

I was attended by a you man but was not able to find one although one was listed at the store in inventory. I spent at least 40 minutes looking for the missing TV.

They sent me to the store at BayBrook Mall in Clear Lake because it was the next closest to me and they had provided me with a list of available TV's in stock at 12 stores.

On my way to the Clear Lake Store, I referred to the in-store circular and obtained a 1-800 number so that I could call in advance and verify and reserve the TV that was listed in stock.

The person answering the call provided me with the local number to the Clear Lake Store.

I called the number provided and was told that they did not sell TV's only cell phones and that I should call the Best Buy Store across the Freeway who sells TV's.

He provided the number to the store which I then proceeded to call.

The automated voice indicated that I was the 2nd customer in line and that I would be attended shortly after having gone through several selections so that they could route my call to the appropriate department.

Somehow the local number was reconnected with the 1-800 number where a lady answered and asked if she could assist. I told her what I needed and she said that she does not sell TV's and that she is in the 1-800 service number. At which point, I asked her how I got connected to her and she said, " I don't know, I'm just sitting here!" I then redialed the local store number again and I got another automated voice saying that I was the 4th customer in line again after going through several selections on the keypad.

By waiting on the phone line and trying to save time and gas money, while driving to the Clear Lake Store, I got there and they still had me waiting on-line.

I asked one of the attendees and showed him the list of all of the local stores and what they had in stock of the TV that I was looking for and Guess What?....You got it! They told me that they did not have one in stock and that they may have sold it within the last 25 the length of time that it took me to get there!

I asked the attendant Brian that I wanted to speak to a Manager because I would consider purchasing the TV on display. Brian said, " We don't do that!"

I waited for the Store Manager to appear while Brian could see that I was

upset, Brian proceed to call the Best Buy Store in Texas City to see if they had the TV in stock. They did so Brian told them to hold it for me and that I was on my way. another 10 miles further away. The Store Manager never showed up so I gave Brian my name and cell phone number and told him to tell the manager that I wanted to speak to him...4 days later and not a phone call from anyone with Best Buy..

I have purchased quite a number of items, laptop, TV, and cameras, used their Geek Squad..but I am totally disappointed on the way BEST BUY has handled my 15 minute trip to purchase a FLAT SCREEN TV that turned out to be a 2-hour trip!

John S.

Pasadena Tx.


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