Posted on Saturday, February 18th, 2012 at 12:34pm CST by 65963289

Product: Hotel Fauborg

Company: Not Available

Location: FR

Category: Other

My family and I went to spend the holidays in Paris, but when we got there our disappointment could not be bigger. First that our travel agent assured there would be a person who could speak Portuguese: There wasn't, luck was that my daughter already knew how to speak English fluently, but I was dependent on her. In the leaflets said that the hotel had a lift, in fact the elevator is tiny and its door is really heavy. The area for the breakfast is also very small, you have to wake up early to avoid catching the queue and the food is always the same, there is no variety. There were some nights we've had trouble sleeping since the noise of other guests disturb us. In addition, the hotel staff do not care to go into a room that is occupied, endangering our personal objects and they are always trying to outsmart, selling something that does not correspond to reality. But worst of all, it was the first night we arrived, we found that our hotel room have two single beds and a sofa bed, which is indeed horrible. I tried to argue with the hotel owner: I said that I wanted another room (always having my daughter as a translator), but he told me he had not other hotel room, then ask a mattress, but he said he had not too and began to change the tone of voice, I unfortunately let myself go with the situation and also changed my tone, what he did next? He took our bags, which were already in the room, and played them with all the strength in the hallway and told us we were expelled, and we had already paid the price of the hotel (And what a price! Exorbitant) and then slammed the door in our faces. Of course we stayed at the hotel, everything was already paid and did not refund, but he actually was very thick, completely ruining our first day in another country. So, one advice: Hotel Fauborg? NEVER


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