Zip Express Installation - Zip TV Installation

Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 at 11:47am CST by 7d48f9fc

Product: TV installation/wall mount

Company: Zip Express Installation

Location: 4388 France Avenue South Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN, 55410, US


Category: Other

I purchased a new TV installation service from Zip and scheduled the appointment for January 9th @ 10 am. I took the day off work and when nobody had showed by 10:30 I called to confirm my installation only to find out there was some mistake made by Zip and no installer would be coming to my house. I rescheduled and prior to my rescheduled appointment, I confirmed twice with the installer. 30 minutes after his scheduled arrival time I called him to confirm again that he was going to show. When he answered my call, he clearly was just waking up (I could tell by his voice, and by the fact I could hear someone else asking him who he was talking to, and asking him to come back to bed). Once he finally arrived, he was at my home for less than 30 minutes before telling me he didn't bring all his necessary equipment and needed to make a run to the local hardware store. After waiting another hour for his return, he worked about an hour before saying he would need to make another run to the store. At that point I asked what he needed and simply gave him some of my own hardware to use. Then his drill wasn't working well so I let him use my own drill. In addition to his lack of preparedness, the service itself was not at all what I expected based on the information Zip provided me when I purchased the service. Specifically:

According to the Zip order confirmation form, "Tech MUST also contact the customer while in transit to the location to provide an ETA" - your installer never contacted me while in transit, probably because he was still waking up!

The service is supposed to include "a professional consultation for your TV installation." Your installer never provided any kind of profession consultation. In fact, he asked me where the TV should be mounted!

Service is also supposed to include "Provide the customer a brief tutorial on their new device." Again, your installer provided nothing in terms of my new device.



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