Quest Diagnostics - Quest Diagnostics - A Lesson about Legalized Fraud - Sell your stock

Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 at 12:34pm CST by 39eeb7d2

Product: Laboratory Tests

Company: Quest Diagnostics

Location: Corporate Headquarters 3 Giralda Farms
Madison, NJ, 07940, US


Category: Other

The statement below is only my opinion based on my experience with Quest Diagnostics.

Beware of the business practices of Quest Diagnostics. The front desk accepted my insurance card when I arrived, allowed me to wait in their waiting room, allowed me to submit to their tests, and allowed me to leave a happy customer.

One month later they sent me a bill for $870, citing that insurance would not cover services.

My point is that they had over an hour to confirm with my insurance. Even my pharmacist verifies with my insurance company before providing prescriptions, and it takes but a few minutes.

I contend that the practice of deliberately withholding my insurance status is part of Quest Diagnostics' business model. Quest Diagnostics is a profit-driven company with a public stock share listing on the New York Stock Exchange. I believe their shareholders are their priority and that patients are a means to profit only.

I am not passively writing this complaint either. I contacted Quest Diagnostics billing department by telephone only to be denied any cash discount or escalation to management. I was to pay $870 or suffer collections and credit history damage.

I paid the $870. Now I want it all back; just for the hassle.


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