Posted on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 at 5:44pm CST by c17acaa3

Company: Ruby Eustaquio

Location: 83 Evesham Road Stratford London
E15 4AL, GB

Category: Other

I topped up my Oyster Card today with 10 to add to the 2.70 balance making it 12.70.

Here are the journeys I used it for:

1. underground from Stratford station to Oxford Circus

2. bus to High Street Kensington

3. underground from High Street Kensington to Stratford

4. bus from Stratford station om to Romford Road, Stratford

5. bus from Romford Road to Stratford Centre

6. bus from Stratford Centre to Evesham Road, Stratford

With these multiple trips, it would have stopped deducting from my Oyster card as soon as I reach the amount equivalent to one day travel card which is 7.70 but it kept deducting until my last trip therefore leaving me a balance of only 2.80 when it should be 5.00.

I would greatly appreciate a refund of 2.20.

Thank you very much, in anticipation for your favourable response.


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