Hungry Traveler - Hungry Traveler Restaurant Bad Service!

Posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 at 12:14pm CST by a6c6928e

Product: Restaurant

Company: Hungry Traveler

Location: 98 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA, 01952, US


Category: Other

If this wasn't my favorite restaurant already then I would never go back again! On the evening of around Feb 6, 2012 my friend and I went to the Hungry Traveler in Salisbury MA. We sat in the lounge in one of the two booths near the dining room doorway.

The bar tender/waitress was absolutely horrible. She needs to be fired for bad service. She was extremely rude and snippy. I forget her name but she was in charge in the lounge area. There used to be this woman Patty who worked there; she was great! This person though was horrible.

She was just impolite and noticeably rude. Then, she got my order wrong. I was only going to have a salad and an appetizer. My appetizer that I chose was the clams for about $6.49. When I gave my order I said, "I'll take the appetizer clams..."

The bartender/waitress barked, "So you want them breaded?" I was confused. I said, "Uhm, no. I wanted..." and she RUDELY interrupted me and said, "well you have to specify". Her tone was extremely rude! Wow. I said, "Well, no, I wanted fried clams".

She ended up bringing me the fried clam dinner but I didn't know until I got the bill. Then she actually tried to argue with me about my order. She had the NERVE to tell me that I said something that I didn't say. I couldn't believe it.

I complained to the hostess but then, unbelievably, the bartender/waitress lady came out to the front waiting area and started to argue with me again.

Hence, it pains me to write a terrible review for my formerly favorite restaurant but I have to. The service was the worst I have ever had in my life.


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