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This complaint has been deleted.


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wjsh w., 2012-10-29, 03:05PM CDT

Tom Crank is not Pastor at VBC. You need to take this post down. He is a good man. He led me to Christ. I can't believe you are allowed to just post stuff.

0a97f323, 2012-11-01, 08:33PM CDT

This is not true because there are no records of this action in the courts and you should be ashamed of yourself for starting such a horrible rumor.

ihavegrace, 2012-11-20, 03:34AM CST

This rumor was started by disgruntle member of Victory Baptist Church. Meeting with Attny. to get to the bottom of this (deflamation of character and smearing the name of two good churches) Shame on you, You are not a christian...You need to repent and get saved!

victom, 2013-02-01, 03:36AM CST

commenters dont be fooled, why dont you ask his wife and kids see if they lie about it?

this is true,...and you cant defamate when you tell the truth.....and btw, only god knows who is really saved, not you, that is a true defamation and a comment of denial,

this was not a court issue, who is not the christian? the one who wants to protect christians from the predatory actions of tom cranks past or tom crank the one who committed the horrible sins?

btw only god saves, not man, nothing tom crank ever did will get you to heaven...wise up my friends...ask him to come clean....future apologies accepted but not neccessary. the warnibg stands based on facts.....thankyou

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