Fedex golf club commercials

Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2012 at 4:23pm CST by 5908484c

Company: Fedex golf club commercials

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I find your commercials ."There is nothing more important than your golf clubs" offensive and in very poor taste. Specifically, the golf clubs are more important than your child so they are put in the child seat of the car. Apparently, they are also more important than the safety of your family, so they are put on the moniter by the bedside. The rest of them are just stupid!

The commercials portray those of us who play golf as a bunch of uncaring idiots.

I know I can do little to make these commercials go away, but I can send you this complaint and I can also not use the services of a company that airs such drivel..

Thank you for your time.



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