Vito's by the Park - Voucher rejection

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 8:34pm CST by fbeafd7d

Product: Dinner Service

Company: Vito's by the Park

Location: Hartford, CT, US


Category: Other

Purchased a promotional voucher on with exclusions for use being holidays and holiday weekends. I presumed (falsely) these stipulations are normal US declared holidays. Valentines day is not a holiday. It is a hallmark event - a cultural event to show your significant other your love and appreciation. There was at least one other couple who found rejection similarly, so at least they were consistent, just simply too narrow in their definition.

Vito's voucher rejection is out of bounds. Needless to say Vito's by the Park seems to stretch their interpretations to suit their needs. Perhaps, when the reservation was made, they could have been upfront with that information. Negative experience that will not be repeated...


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