Microsoft/Zune - Microsoft/Zune Unwilling to credit back accidental purchase.

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 6:44pm CST by ac3da09f

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Company: Microsoft/Zune

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The chat log says it all.

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You are now chatting with 'Kevin B.'.

Kevin B.: Hello Matthew Kirchner, My name is Kevin B. with Microsoft Customer Support and I will be assisting you

today. For your records, your service request number is: 1171268606

Please give me a few moments as I review the information you've submitted.

Matthew Kirchner: Ok thank you

Kevin B.: So, I see you had some issues with a purchase. Did you purchase the wrong amount of points?

Matthew Kirchner: No my points purchase was fine. Right after I exited out of purchasing points I pressed the

wrong button and purchased The Walking Dead Season 2 by mistake.

Kevin B.: Oh, I see. Unfortunately we do not have a way to revoke licenses for video content purchases and are

unable to provide refunds.

Matthew Kirchner: Is there a supervisor that I can speak with?

Kevin B.: I can see if someone is available, but as stated in our terms all sales are final for digital content.

Matthew Kirchner: I understand the terms. Unfortunately sometimes errors can occur and there should be a way to

properly serve customers in the event of a mistake as such.

Matthew Kirchner: I dont know what way you can resolve the issue but there has to be a way.

Kevin B.: Well, there are multiple steps to completing a purchase, specifically to make it less likely to accidently

purchase something.

Matthew Kirchner: Correct, the way I was going about purchasing points apparently was already partway through

the process and I did not realize this. Multiple steps or not cannot remove human error. Again policies aside there

must be a way to take care of your customers.

Kevin B.: So, you had tried to purchase it but did not have enough points at which point you purchased the points?

Matthew Kirchner: No, when I looked at the details of season 2 it said something to the effect of "Add Points" and I

thought it was a handy easy to use option to add microsoft points to my account. I did not think it was a way to

initiate a purchase of the item.

Kevin B.: Were you doing that through the Xbox, then?

Matthew Kirchner: I was doing it through the Zune Marketplace. After calling microsoft 3 times they said I needed

to speak with Zune support. Which took multiple calls to find out how I could get ahold of someone and now I am to


Kevin B.: But it was the Zune marketplace on the Xbox console? I'm just trying to clarify where the purchase was


Matthew Kirchner: Yes the Zune marketplace on my xbox console.

Kevin B.: Ok, so I just verified the process through Xbox. The very first thing you clicked on before adding the points

does state "Buy Season Pass" before getting to the screen that prompts you to add points, because you didn't have

enough. That button would have just said Confirm, if you already had points.

Matthew Kirchner: I dont recall that, but that may have been how it happened. Now that you confirmed it how are

you planning on assisting me further?

Kevin B.: I was just making sure that there were still multiple steps required to confirm a purchase. We are not able

to provide refunds for digital content. This is detailed in paragraph 6.9 of the Zune terms of service.

Matthew Kirchner: Ok now that you have exhausted all the ways you dont want to help me. Can you now please

look at ways of helping me? If you cannot do you have a supervisor willing to assist?

Kevin B.: I can get you in touch with my supervisor, but a refund is not something we are able to do.

Matthew Kirchner: I need to speak with them. Having no way to properly take care of customers in the event of a

mistake is just poor business.

Kevin B.: Just a moment please while I transfer you.

Matthew Kirchner: ok

Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Nicholas B.'.

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You are now chatting with 'Nicholas B.'.

Nicholas B.: Hi Matthew. My name is Nick, I am a supervisor at Zune. Please give me just a moment while I review

your case.

Matthew Kirchner: Ok thank you.

Nicholas B.: Ok, so you were looking for a refund for content you accidentally purchased on your XBox console, isthat correct?

Matthew Kirchner: That is correct.

Nicholas B.: Ok. Unfortunately, like Kevin stated earlier, we're not able to refund this content.

Matthew Kirchner: I have a hard time beleiving that as a company of Microsoft that there is no possible way to

refund an item. I do beleive that it is not standard practice to help gaurd profitability. However I beleive that there

must be red tape that needs to be gone through if one is willing to help a customer with a refund.

Nicholas B.: Unfortunately there isn't a way for us to refund this content. The XBox console, especially if you don't

already have enough points, has at least 3-4 "Are you sure" type screens for this exact scenario to help deter

accidental purchases.

Matthew Kirchner: I understand that there are "

Nicholas B.: And as per the terms of service you agreed to use the XBox Live service, there are no refunds for

downloaded content

Matthew Kirchner: "protections in place" I did not fully understand how to purchase points and I thought it was an

easy way to add points to my account.

Matthew Kirchner: Using the terms as your "safety net" does not help. I honostly do not care what your terms and

conditions say. It is a legal way to attempt not to service customers is the bottom line. I have worked in industries

where there are 3-4 screens to help prevent mistakes. There are still mistakes that can happen. I need to speak with

your supervisor if you are unwilling to look at ways to attempt to assist me. Instead of looking at ways to not assist


Nicholas B.: I am the highest person you're able to speak to on this matter. We are not able to refund this purchase.

Matthew Kirchner: I need you to help me on this matter and provide me with a refund. If I should make this same

mistake in the future I will take on full responsability no matter the cost. I am not willing to lose Approx. $40 for not

understanding your process.

Matthew Kirchner: I would appreciate it if you would sit back for a second and look at this from a consumers point

of view that is not involved in your industry. Look at it from the point of view of someone that is not familiar with the

screens and is slightly confused on how to navigate it. There have been many changes to the interface that I am not

familiar with.

Nicholas B.: I can understand where you're coming from, there are even some hidden nuggets of the new dashboard

that I'm still figuring. Unfortunately, all the purchase screens have for the most part remained the same, and are

straight forward. We're not able to refund this purchase.

Matthew Kirchner: I know that there has to be some way to refund the charges. I have never requested a refund in

the past for purchases because I felt clear that I was purchasing something. Basically I am looking for how you can

revoke my rights to the digital rights of The Walking Dead Season 2 because I did not want to purchase the item. I

understand that it not being a normal practice it may take some work. I am asking for your help though to take

maybe the additional time of sending a few emails or speaking with your supervisor on my behalf. I am asking that

you whole heartedly own your role as customer service representative and go to bat for me as your customer, support

me in my effort to have my hard earned money refunded for me so that I can actually make purchases on Zune that I

intend to. Resolving this for me would certainly increase my loyalty towards Zune and the services that I receive as

apposed to the opposite and drive me to all the other digital options of obtaining content.

Nicholas B.: Unfortunately we have no systems in place to revoke digital licenses from your account. You've

purchased it, you own it. This is not something we can refund.

Matthew Kirchner: Then from a customer satisfaction stand point I would appreciate the points refunded back into

the account. It is not my concern that your systems are not capable of removing my rights to the content. By doing

this I had just purchased 6000 points on microsoft that I inteded on spending in the Zune marketplace. So no matter

what with the "courtesy points" that I would be provided it is going right back into the Zune marketplace.

Nicholas B.: Like I said before, we're not able to refund that purchase, that includes refunding the points back to

your account.

Matthew Kirchner: I need to have someone's email higher up that I can contact. This makes me very upset at the

lack of help you are providing or the lack of help they intend you to provide. I plan on escelating this up in

Microsoft/Zune to ensure that at the very least there is awareness to how poor the policies are in place to service

customers. I will also be posting this chat log on the web to help show others the lack of assistance Zune is willing to

provide thier customers unfortunately.

Nicholas B.: Unfortunately I'm the highest level that you can speak to on this matter. There isn't anyone here that

can refund that purchase.

Nicholas B.: I can take down your comments on our support process and forward them to the right channels, but

that's about all I can do.

Matthew Kirchner: I understand you are the highest person that i can "talk to". You have a supervisor though and

your supervisor has an email address. Email him for me now and have him email me back at [email protected]

no later than Monday afternoon.

Nicholas B.: My supervisor acts in an administrative capacity only, he does not act in a customer facing capacity.

Matthew Kirchner: Whether someone acts in a customer facing capacity or not unless they are a robot without the

capability of speaking with me, they should be able to respond. Now they may not like talking with customers but then

they should make some changes allowing you the ability to properly serve customers and eliminate the potential need


Nicholas B.: My supervisor is not able to make those types of changes. While I can request he emails you, I cannot

guarantee that he will. He is not a part of the support process.

Nicholas B.: Again, I can take down any comments or concerns and get them forwarded to the right channels, but

there's not anything we can do to get this refund going

Matthew Kirchner: I would appreciate you making an effort outside of the "normal means" this would give me

indication that would like to everything you can to try to help me. Just quoting me policy and reitterating that you are

not going to refund it does nothing to show me that you legitimately "want" to help.

Nicholas B.: Unfortunately that's all I can do.

Matthew Kirchner: I appreciate your assistance if that is truely all you can do. I am very upset if that is the extent

of capability that Zune/Microsoft provides. It feels like the only point of this is to say "sorry sir/maam we cannot do

this" not to actually try to help customers. Is there a customer complaint email box or way to pass on feedback

oustide of through you?

Nicholas B.: There should be feedback options available at or even where you can leave


Nicholas B.: Additionally there's a survey at the end of this chat that you can use to leave feedback.

Matthew Kirchner: I would appreciate it if you pass my feedback along to EVERYBODY that is above you somehow. I

hope it does not just stop here. I fully intend to post this chat online, not against you but agains the company that

you support. Thank you for the additional options to provide feedback.

Nicholas B.: No problem, I'm sorry we weren't able to do much for you.

Nicholas B.: If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Thank you for

contacting Microsoft Customer Support and have a great day!

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I am very disappointed with their support. They give me the feeling like they do not want to help at all.


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