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Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 5:12pm CST by 62bc16c0

Product: Laptoptown / Gadgettown

Company: Not Available

Location: 1980 US HIGHWAY 1, Building #3 NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ 08902-4418 United States
Ne, 08902, US

URL: http://laptoptown.com/

Category: Other

Under NO circumstances should anyone buy from Laptoptown or their parent company Gadgettown. I purchased a laptop keyboard for our son, although it did arrive a key was broken off. After multiple e-mails and attempts to contact them through their '24/7 help' line I contacted and filed a dispute with PayPal. I sent and e-mail to Laptoptown advising them of this and still no response. I then filed a claim through PayPal and again sent Laptoptown an e-mail advising I had upgraded to a claim. After 2 days I suddenly received an e-mail stating they would assist me with the problem and I could go ahead and close my claim. I advised that since multiple times trying to contact them went unanswered I would wait until the problem was resolved before I cancelled anything with PayPal. I immediately contacted PayPal about this and was advised that leaving it as a claim was fine with them. After a few days PayPal contacted me to return the keyboard and they would refund my money. I returned the keyboard through USPS with a signature card & tracking online.

Was also advised by PayPal that if the item was refused or undeliverable they stated I would still receive my money. We will have to wait and see but I am placing my money on PayPal. However, if that falls through, I will contact my credit card company advise them of this nightmare and let them fight my battle. I have all my unanswered e-mails from laptoptown and the assistance I received from PayPal.

In addition to all of this, I sent PayPal links to all the sites that have written complaints about Laptoptown & Gadgettown and asked if there is a process for buyers to advise PayPal of less than honest sellers using their services. Still waiting to hear back on that but my advise to all is to avoid both Laptoptown & Gadgettown like the plague.


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Drew K., 2012-08-23, 01:08PM CDT

There are a LOT of shady eBay companies that use this address/warehouse, others are YALL (LOTS of different names for it) and e-hitech. IF you manage to find a phone number, the woman that answers announces "Shipping Department" which is exactly what the FROM address shows too... all very shady, and assuming they are all one in the same company...

9dd3d610, 2012-12-26, 02:54PM CST

i just deal with company i do not have any problem they contact me at the time good customer service i order 2 time lol so happy

C M., 2012-12-31, 04:51PM CST

Same company is Tmart do not buy from them order a new tablet was sent a use tablet that did not work.

Loki .., 2013-04-06, 03:51PM CDT

A check of a Pacific Rim escrow trading source, and NJ corporate records, show the real company using many online names of its own, plus drop shipping via TMart.com and a huge range of third party victim dealers on eBay and Amazon:



Business Name Entity ID City Type Original Filing Date

N & K GROUP LLC 0600260590 NORTH BRUNSWICK LLC 02/2006

Several of their dba aliases do not show up as registered, as required by NJ law, but this does appear to be a NJ corporation that can be prosecuted for criminal and civil fraud by the NJ Attorney General, and subjected to US Customs, FTC (consumer fraud, by mis-labelling, and selling home audio equipment with fraudulent spec's), FCC (for some electronics lacking Part 15 certifications), and other regulatory investigations and penalties.

Note that the terms at the bottom of their www.TMart.com site claim they're not responsible for items that have false spec's. What arrogant lies, as if they import and sell in the US, that's patently not true, and they need help with that lesson.

Their Web site lists a LOT of battery packs claiming 2600 mAH LiIon cells (in series/parallel), that are likely manufacturing reject 4400 mAH cells with more than 10% below that actual capacity.

They list a 120 watt USB powered speaker set, noting that USB ports have 2.5 watts available.

They list several home stereo amps, and obviously fake spec's, an area of law with fairly specific legal standards due to historic use of odd condition spec's by US companies that weren't even the kind of outright fictions this company sells.

They list some small harmonicas, that are actually nice (but overpriced) items (of which I've given several from other sources to friends). However, they list them as good for kids, despite small parts that are exactly what triggers CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandated recalls. Adults only items, or kids over 5 or 10.

This company is also very sleazy towards its own drop shippers. They promise to not use packaging or invoices that identify their brand, but they insert flyers for TMart into drop shipments for 3rd party sellers.

Also of note, is that their corporate existence dates from 2006, but their Alibaba info states they were new in Fall 2012. This company needs a shitstorm of consumer complaints to state and Federal regulators, and to see major shipments of fraudulently labelled merchandise seized by Customs, plus to face penalties from state and Federal fines and prosecutions.

The main problem for customers is that they use so many names, and act as a drop shipper for even more, that they're hard to identify before making a purchase.

At least now everyone has the real name of the company involved, whose corporate officers can be identified, and for use in any legal actions or complaints with relevant government law enforcement.

(I hope this retains paragraphs and format I entered - if it all runs together as "preview" hints, it's bad site software, not my post, causing that.)

Mildred S., 2013-04-23, 03:18PM CDT

I received a package with no information at all, no amount, how it was paid for, where did they get my name and what sort of business is this? I did not order anything from this address and UPS Tracking has no record of it, I gave them what it says the tracking number is, to no avail. This looks like some sort of small make-up bag, what should I do with it? I'm going to hold it until I hear from you. Thank you, Mildred Staley or Mickey Staley, 6010 Crisp ln.,, Knoxville. Tennessee 37920 Phone is 865-247-6620

Loki .., 2013-04-23, 08:12PM CDT

Mildred - unsolicited merchandise sent to you is yours to keep, with no obligation to the sender.

That package is likely a shipping address error by some third party dealer, intended for some other customer. The importer and warehouse operator in New Jersey is guilty of a range of consumer frauds, but they likely wouldn't even have records of some dealer's botched customer order.

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