Anderson's Furniture - Anderson's Furniture is Horrible!

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 7:09pm CST by d2a76fcb

Product: Anderson's Furniture

Company: Anderson's Furniture

Location: 7946 State Highway 121, #100
Frisco, TX, 75034, US


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Horrible furniture and horrible customer service!!!! Please read this before you... decide to purchase anything from Anderson's Furniture in Frisco. Ordered a 3 piece furniture costing $4400. The first time they delivered the furniture, there was a whole side dented in on the wicker side of the sofa. The arm chair fabric was scratched from something sharp going across it. Customer service was ca...lled and they instructed the deliver men to come back to the warehouse and get a new set. They called from the warehouse and said they had 2 new sets and would bring both sets out which they did. Once they brought the new sets out, there was a hole on wicker side of the inseam on both sofas. The arm chairs were fine except were a little wobbly. We called again to customer service and asked if they could provide a small discount to account for the wicker side having to be repaired. Customer service directed us to the Frisco Store where we talked to Elizabeth first who could not help us and had Kasey call us back. Kasey called us back and said the best she could do is waive the deliver charge which was $99 or we could return it and we would be responsible for the delivery charge and a restocking fee. I was horrified by the threat of the restocking fee on new furniture that was clearly damage in storage. Even the delivery guys said they were clearly damaged when they took it from the warehouse new. If youare wanting to find quality furniture where it doesn't come damage to your house, then rethink your purchase at Anderson's. Also, if you are looking for customer service that would be helpful should you encounter problems after yoou purchase your expensive furniture, reconsider buying from Anderson's. I'm sure you would want your $4400 furniture not to have a hole or be damaged. Even if you should encounter problems after you get the furniture to your house, I'm sure you would want the company to be reasonable enough to help either fix it or provide a small discount so it can be fixed. Neither happened so please take this experience of ours and spare yourself the grief and spend your money elsewhere. Anderson's Furniture = poor customer service and poor quality!!!!! The only positive thing I can say was their delivery men were very nice and professional. They too were embarrased by the way their company handled this.


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d2a76fcb, 2013-11-27, 02:54PM CST

Update: Anderson's furniture contacted me and made the whole situation right. They apologized for the issue and got us another set that was not damaged. We have now had the furniture for over a year and it is still holding up very well. Due to their prompt response to fix the issue, we have bought other furniture from there.

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