3D Digital Corp - 3D Digital Corp is a greedy scam!

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 12:27am CST by 969c1b24

Product: Optix 400 Scanner

Company: 3D Digital Corp

Location: 75 Glen Road
Sandy hook, CT, 06482, US

URL: http://www.3ddigitalcorp.com/

Category: Other

3D digital Corp IS a greedy corporate scam! You pay them $20,000 for a scanner and only AFTER you make the purchase, they tell you that they won't give you any drivers for it unless you buy their embarrassingly featureless $6,000 software package which is far inferior to free software you can download on the internet. Then, only AFTER you buy the $6000 software, they say "oh.... did you need a license to run that software?" Then they want to charge you another $11,000 for their maintenance plan so you can get the license to run the software you've already paid for. It doesn't end there!.... after you give them $35,000 for all of this, you go to use the scanner and find out that the license has expired and you have to call the company every month and get permission to use the software and get a new license for it because they keep giving you temporary licenses. When you ask them if they could give you a permanent license since you paid $6000 for the software, they say "sorry, company policy".

This is THE worst example of corporate greed and thievery that I have ever witnessed! Their products are horrible and their business ethics are even worse! It's a complete scam! Do not buy from this company, they will do nothing but ask for more money before you can even use their scanner you paid $20,000 for!

The owner Satish is a greedy criminal and needs to be brought down! He lies constantly to get more money from you and then doesn't give you what you pay for, he just makes excuses and says it's company policy. they will be nice to you at first, but when it comes down to it they will screw you without a doubt.

Those of you who just got the scanner and say it works fine and that their support is good? YOU JUST WAIT until you get a new computer and want to install the scanner on it, or you have some sort of problem with the scanner or software. they will tell you that they cannot help you unless you pay $1000's more in maintenance fees (which you've already paid), plus you have to pay the shipping! Are you kidding me?

I paid $6000 for horrible software which is not organized or has any features whatsoever, and they refuse to give me a permanent license for it....are you kidding me? After a while they just tell you that they cannot help you any more and you are stuck with a useless $30,000 scanner. ALSO, if you sell your scanner to someone else, Satish tells you that he "will refuse to help them in any way or sell them drivers for the software, because they didn't purchase the scanner from us", he even called me to gloat about the fact that he will not help anyone who buys a used scanner unless they pay them tens of thousands of dollars for their maintenance plan

I had their scanner for years and never once was able to ever use it because I spent all my time on the phone with them trying to get a license to work, I don't think they actually want you to use the scanner, because then you will see how absolutely crappy it is. I've seen much better results from $2000 scanners. DO NOT BUY, trust me.

This is not dramatics, it's true, I've lived it for the past few years, I personally got ripped off and $40,000 later (my entire savings) I was NEVER able to make any use of their scanner or software and when I got a new computer and wanted to switch it over, they just said "sorry, we can't help you unless you give us another $11,000, uh... I already paid for all that! AND you can't sell the scanner to recoup your money either, because the owner Satish calls you on the phone and laughs in your face while he tells you he will not help someone who doesn't buy the scanner form them! True story.


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