Town Ford Lincoln - Very Poor Ford Service & Warrantee

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 12:59pm CST by 7a0e12ff

Product: 2011 Ford Ranger

Company: Town Ford Lincoln

Location: 700 3rd St SE
East Wenatchee, WA, 98802, US


Category: Other

Last month I purchased a new 2011 Ford Ranger 100 miles away at Town Ford Lincoln in East Wenatchee, WA. They sent me the license plates recently to put on. Upon removing the exsisting screws for the back plate, one came out with black plastic wrapped around the threads. (This means that too much torque was applied earlier when the screw was screwed in.) When screwing the screw back in, the screw kept turning around and around without tightening up like the other screws.

I took the vehicle to a local Ford dealer in Omak on 2/7/12 and the head Body Shop man looked at it. He noted that the screw that had the stripping problem was slightly different than the other and suggested putting in a larger screw. He tried to find a larger diameter screw but couldn't and the one he found didn't look like the original anyway. (I would want matching screws.) I was told that the whole large plastic piece on the rear bumper would need to be replaced and that the warrantee would not cover it! Oh? So much for Ford's "good" engineering and "Built Tough" slogan and warrantee! I was told that they could replace the plastic piece but I would have to pay for it and then be reimbursed by the dealer I bought it from! I was also told that I needed to call Town Ford Lincoln about the problem.

When I purchased the Ranger, I purchased the Extended Warrantee which I understand is supposed to be better than the basic warrantee when it comes to fixing things. It sounded like if there was any problem (that I didn't cause), they would fix it with out an issue or hassle.

I called Town Ford and spoke to their Service Manager on 2/8/12 and he called back late the following day. He came accross that the body shop man (that looked at it locally) said that the license plate was secure and that there really wasn't a problem! Also, if I wanted to pursue it further, I had to drive to the dealership (100 miles away) and have him look at it! So that means that in order to (maybe) get this fixed, I would have to make a 200 mile round trip which would take around four hours, and spend who knows how long waiting at the dealship plus pay for the gas too to make the trip! Also, I doubt they would have the black plastic bumper piece in stock, so how would they fix it?

Actually, I am not enthused about the local Ford dealership doing anything with the Ranger because of previous problems I have experienced such as:

After having some body work done on the right rear quarter panel, I noticed that the right rear marker lamp was dim. I found out that they didn't put the light back into position and since it wasn't possible to get to it underneath the car, I had to pry open a little door like thing and reach in and snap the light back into place.

During the same job, the right rear window needed to be removed, I was told. Sometime later, I noticed that water was running down from the top on the inside of the window. I took it back and they "fixed" it. Again, I noticed water running down the inside of the window.

By this time, I decided to go to another place and upon inspection and removal of the window, I was told that it wasn't sealed properly at the top and that the Body Shop tried to seal it by just putting some sealer on the top on the inside instead of doing the job right by removing the window and resealing it. The water made a moldy smell and rusted some of the metal also, I understand.

Also another person I know experinced a problem there.

Now, the screw that stripped out is just a friction fit in the hole, so naturally, I would like to have this fixed with NO further hassle on this brand new Ford Ranger. I did have few other issues with the dealership I purchased the Ranger from which, for the most part have been resolved. One was concerning the locking gas cap. I found out that the locking gas cap which they supplied caused the Check Engine Light to come on, so I put the orginal gas cap back on and since then, the light has not come back on.

I have found that there REALLY is a problem with a lack of quality of service, engineering, and professionalism now-a-days!


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