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Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 8:47am CST by abb24330

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Company: QVC

Location: DAYTON, OH, 45415, US


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I have had a QVC account for a few months now, I have purchased several items and everything has been fine. All of my payments have been on time, never missed, and are taken out of my bank automatically.

A couple days ago, I purchased a small 24" tv, with payments at around $65 (including shipping/tax).

QVC took the money from my bank and put it on hold (I got express 2 day shipping) and posted "in process of shipping".

All of a sudden, they shut down access to my account so I called them.

They told me that they had CLOSED my account because some person who had my address over a YEAR ago had not paid for THEIR items. The customer service rep told me the person's name, and I'd never heard of them in my life.

So, this morning, my money is still not back in my bank, and QVC has shut me down, closed my account without even so much as a prior phone call!!! I can't get in to see when my other payments are due - one rep told me "just write them down on a piece of paper".


This really hurts me, because I've paid them faithfully all this time, and they just closed my account because someone else had the same address (I have a townhome) a long time ago. They even confirmed this, when I called them again this morning. :(

Very sad, and shady business practice.


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