Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 8:52am CST by 8dc90350

Product: DISH TV Service

Company: DirectV

Location: 2230 E. Imperial Hwy
El Segundo,, CA, 90245, US


Category: Other

Directv promised us that when it rained we would not lose our signal. Something that Dish providers have long had trouble with. We were really happy to hear this so we agreed to a two year service contract.The contract we signed gave the bundle package price at $43.88. We agreed to this price for two years. Every time it rained (which in Florida is a lot) we lost our signal. We were disappointed but did not cancel or complain because we had the DVR. We would record shows and watch when it rained. Then after one year they doubled the price. When I called they told me "TOO Bad you signed a Contract". The contract says if you have a dispute it is to be settled thru arbitration. Instead Directv went into our Bank account without authorization and stole $256. which they claimed was owed due to us cancelling. Then even though we sent back the devices as agreed, they tried to go in and take an additional $280 for the DVR's we sent back. We had to close our Bank account and get the tracking number from UPS store to prove we sent the receivers back even after a supervisor confirmed they were received. We filed a dispute with Regions Bank and the Attorney General and BBB. Nobody did anything! In my opinion Directv commits fraud with the public by deceptive practices and should be not be allowed to sell their service. When we checked with the BBB we found Directv to have a D rating. I wish I would have looked before I called.This Company is comitting Fraud by failure to disclose the full contract upon the customer signing, and nobody is doing anything to stop it. Our Bank Manager at Regions said, "we see Directv come into peoples accounts and take money all the time".Unbelievable!


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