Virgin America - Stealing my money

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 10:28am CST by 1a3ef885

Product: Baggage Fee refund

Company: Virgin America

Location: JFK Airport
New York, NY, US


Category: Other

I flew with virgin american back on nov 14, 2011. I did the online check in and accidently checked in one luggage and paid the $25 fee. Upon arriving at the airport, I explained to them it was a mistake and that I only had two carryons. They stated that my money would be refuned within 10 days. I waited 10 refund. Waited 20 days..still nothing. Waited a whole month, didnt recieve a penny. So I tried numerous times to call customer service only to be put on hold for hours, I became frustrated and hung up.

Then I recieved a suspicious email from "Sue Atiya" claiming to be from Virgin Airlines asking for my credit card info. Now any human with a brain knows companies rarely ever ask for such info over an email and I was reluctant to give it up. Furthermore the email was written with very poor grammar and spelling errors, more reason for me to be skeptical.

I responded that I did not feel safe giving out my credit card info and if there was any other way. "Sue" replies that she would check with their accounting dept and get back to me. Another week passes, I contact Sue again stating that this is absolutely unaceptable.

A refund that they assured me would only take 10 days has now taken 2 months and I stil have yet to see the money. "Sue" replies by offering an apology and asks me to be patient. I wait another 3-4 days and email again asking for an udpate. I have not recieved anything. I have also tried contacting the email they provide on their website, and did not get a response.

Im furious at this point, this is unacceptable. Never have I seen a company with such poor customer service and disregard for their passengers requests. It's been close to 3 months since I flew with them and I have yet to see the refund posted on my account. Their customer service is absolutely the worst and I will never be flying with them again.


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