Telebrands - Orgreenic False Advertising

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 2:01pm CST by Anonymous

Product: Orgreenic

Company: Telebrands

Location: 3 Telebrands Plaza and 79 Two Bridges road
Fairfield, Ne, 07004-1060, US


Category: Other

Called this company after seeing commercial on TV to get two orgreenic frying pans for $19.99 including free shipping. Automated answering service tried taking my credit card number first thing without anything ordered being placed yet which sounded alarm bells. Finally got through to a live customer service rep and found out that the 2 frying pans for $19.99 would really cost me almost double that at near $35 total cost. There was no free shipping, the commercial was a lie and should not be allowed on TV! Wasted 30 minutes on phone going round in circles with rude customer service rep who was set on not only making the sell for the 2 frying pans but an entire set of cookware.

BE WARNED before you call...

This company uses false advertising and plain out deceitful practices to sell their product. After the experience and the deception I encountered after calling to place an order, I now don't believe a word they said in the commercial about their frying pans to begin with!

Live and Learn! From now on I will go to a local retailer where I can actually see what I'm getting and exactly how much it will cost without lies, deceit and false advertising!


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