Target - Cardtronics ATM

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 12:23pm CST by 4a5a3563


Company: Target

Location: 529 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA, 01605, US

Category: Other

I went into this Target location to buy some groceries and also needed to withdraw money from my EBT card to use torwards my rent. I used their Cardtronics ATM machine and attempted to withdraw $360. I then get a receipt stating that transction is incomplete. But when I check my account it had taken the last $360 out of my account without dispensing the cash. So now I have to wait 30 days for my financial institution to get my funds back and meanwhile Cardtronics is $360 richer. I called their customer service and its as if they are trained to say what they say. I believe these machines are scam artists and are there to rip off a few at a time. Although I have heard of stuff like this I never thought it would happen to me but yes it happens and happened to me with a very large amount of money. Thanks Cardtronics for taking my rent money and making my landlord harrass me for it. You guys are SLIME. I will make sure everyone knows about this situation including customers of mines that always ask where the nearest ATM is so they can purchase something. I will be sure to tell them to never use a Cardtronics ATM. Just sticking with REAL bank owned ATMs.


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