United Parcel Service - UPS.SEASONAL Jobs ,.Discrimination against Seasonal workers

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2012 at 2:24pm CDT by 2dc4bed8

Product: seasonal Workers

Company: United Parcel Service

Location: 111 Bingham Rd.
San Marcos, Ca, 92069, US

Category: Other

doctor say this is not an industrial injury!! and you are ready to work as of now!!!

Discrimination, against seasonal workers at UPS.

I got a hernia while Working as a seasonal Driver Help Now When I tried to contact Supervisor about it they only told me that they will contact me back soon, they never did, then I went to the emergency room, with pain from hernia., so the doctors told me that this was a workers comp case., and they give me a paper to take to employer,. only then they took me to one of their doctors. wich the supervisor talked to, and say to the doctor this is only a seasonal worker doc. so You know what to do., and ofcourse the they are still fighting me about workers comp. or paying for any medical cost for the surgery hernia repair that I just have done a couple days ago !!!!

they also threatening to fire the coworker that was working with me that day, if he testify or say something about it !!

They want seasonal workers to met the drivers some where in order for the worker not to see any of the posts regarding the Workers Rights, and any of the doctors in case of injury !!!


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