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Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2012 at 6:16pm CDT by 32203cd6

Product: Service America

Company: Service America

Location: US

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Here it is short and sweet:

I made an appointment with Service America a week a go to replace a part in my fridge that was put in by them. This is the wrong part and it makes an extremely loud noise. I took off from work Monday Afternoon so I could be home so they could replace this part, my appointment was to between 12-5.

At 4:40, I started to get a little concern and called their 1-800 number and was on hold for 14 minutes. When I finally spoke to someone, I was informed that the tech called at 4:42 and then their dispatcher at 4:44 and that no one had answered and that they cancelled my call for today. I said that I had been on hold with you during that time trying to get an update. No one had called me all day.

I called the tech back (Lance) at 4:55 he said that by GPS he was over a 1/2 hour away and had already clocked out for the day. I asked him about the 2 minutes between calls, asked him why they don't give the customer a longer like maybe 5-10 minutes? I asked him why I didn't get a call around 4:30 telling me he was running late. I was rudely told that was procedure and if I didn't likei t to call the customer service number.

I did at 5:06 and I am still waiting for a response.




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