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Product: TEFL Course

Company: ITTP TEFL Prague

Location: CZ

Category: Education

This is a review I put on a TEFL reviews website but was taken down due to legal threats by ITTP TEFL Prague. It is not fair and I want to voice my opinion so I have re posted here - BE WARNED. NEVILLE THREATENS ALL REVIEW WEBSITES WITH LEGAL ACTION TO HIDE HIS SCAM - THAT IS WHY HE IS NOT FAIRLY REPRESENTED ON SOME SITE. WARNING!!!!!!!! If you are unsure email some of the big review websites like Abroad Reviews - or TEFL Course Review - They will confirm that he does this. I had put this whole experience behind me until Neville brought it to mind again recently by looking for positive feedback from all of us on that November course after other TEFLer's spoke out about his scam. I thought it was a complete waste of my time and money. Mila was great and did his job well. I didnt quite get it and because there where 20 in the class, did not want to bother him as he had enough to do it seemed. Had there been a maximum of 14, then perhaps i could have asked for a little extra help from him. I did not like the large class and felt quite intimidated and embarrassed to ask for help and even if I had, would he have had the time to give me? I didn't get to see the cramped, expensive accommodation that was dangled as a carrot to get us there and by all accounts, am glad I didnt. (The pictures he posted looked nice). From the outset, and even before I arrived in Prague, I felt like Neville was scamming us. He offered this cheap accommodation and once he had my deposit, told me that it was full. I researched accommodation prices and found them to be a lot more than he was offering. I asked him for help and suggested I might not be able to afford the course if I had to pay so much, that the whole thing was based on the cheap accommodation he had offered. (Dangled). We ended up, thanks to Bob, finding a great appartement but at 3x the price. Thanks Bob. To my surprise, Neville came back to me saying that someone had moved course and that a small room had become available and if I sent another deposit, he would secure it for me. I sent another lump of money and low and behold, guess what, he thanked me for it and said that someone had got there before me. Do not get sucked in by promisses of cheap accommodation. Others, who were in the accommodation offered have written about that. When I suggested I might not be able to do the course for financial reasons, so giving him the opportunity to reduce the numbers OVERBOOKED on the course, instead of accepting that and letting me cancel it, his simple reply was,"It would be a shame for you to cancel, especially as both your deposits are non-refundable" and he gave me a link to a site that would definitely be able to help me. There are, of course, loads of sites that will help you, at a price. Who says our deposits are non refundable and why can,t they be? Particularly when he has made that guarantee of promising a maximum of 14 pupils several times on his website, and is overbooked. The course fee was $1990 but of course if we paid within 3 days, we would make a whopping saving of 291USD. I think a few fell for that one and took advantage of it. Then the remainder was to be paid in full, in CASH before the course started. Whenever anyone asks me for cash, my first thoughts are, this sounds a bit dodgy. 20 people paying this amount. Quite a lot by my calculations. I wonder if there is an element of greed involved here. When we went to look for it, the office he referred to did not exist, right in the heart of Prague. So another lie. I could go on but enough said. Others have their comments to make. This is my opinion only. Shame, on the surface it looked good but BE WARNED..!!!!!! Dont make the same mistake. Don,t get sucked in by lies and false promisses. LOOK ELSEWHERE...!!!!!!


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8de1f084, 2012-07-11, 06:04AM CDT

Here is the full story that Neville fails to tell everybody. NEVILLE AND ITTP OWN TEFL REVIEWS. THAT IS WHY HE ENDORSES IT.

I am a former ITTP TEFL Prague student and I am writing this complaint to provide a place where people can review ITTP TEFL Prague without fear of their reviews being removed. It is also to alert other potential TEFL clients to a major review scam currently being run by Neville Thomas and ITTP TEFL Prague. What his company did to myself and my classmates was really poor, however that is not my problem now. My problem is his attitude and dirty games towards our complaints and subsequent online reviews which has made me really angry.

To give you a background on my situation, I participated on the ITTP TEFL program in late 2011 in Prague. The course was ok (although after talking to other TEFL graduates from other TEFL courses it sounds as though there were better options in Prague). But the accommodation we were sold with the course was terrible and prices extortionate. There were multiple problems and to sum it up, we were all ripped off badly. Neville???s contempt and attitude towards us made matters worse and what was meant to be an enjoyable learning experience, turned into the course from hell as we were jammed into tiny accommodation with moldy rooms, broken beds, we had to clean the accommodation ourselves, internet barely worked and had 9 people sharing one toilet. This would be no problem if the prices were cheap but they were very top end, comparative to hotel living.

However, my motivation for writing to you is not because of that experience, it is my frustrations since leaving the course and revelations of dirty tactics and deceit by ITTP over the past 6 months which have forced this email. The efforts that this company and its owner Neville Thomas go to, to mislead potential clients and try to hide the truth that are disgraceful and need to be shared.

By the time we finished the TEFL program with ITTP we were all very upset and naturally went online to voice our displeasure and warn others of the ???accommodation scam??? that was being run by Neville and ITTP. This was where the serious issues started to arise and where my frustrations really began. As I searched online I could not find a great deal of independent reviews of ITTP (reviews not on the ITTP website) and the limited reviews I did find were gushingly good. Given I did not meet a single classmate in my time of the course who would rate the program anywhere near 10/10, I immediately smelt a rat. Outlined below are my experiences with the different review sites and how Neville has influenced them (or owns them).

TEFL Course Review -

I posted on this site along with a number of my classmates clearly outlining our displeasure at the shabby accommodation and terrible experience we had. After a few weeks all the reviews were removed and ITTP was completely removed from the website. On investigation we found out that Neville had threatened to sue this company and after continual harassment from Neville, the owner had just removed all comment of ITTP from the reviews site to stop Neville harassing him.

Abroad Reviews ???

Again, myself and a number of classmates posted onto this site giving ITTP bad ratings in the process as our experience was terrible. The reviews stayed there for a while but were littered with clearly fake positive reviews in between the negative ones. Finally, after a few months we received an email from the owner of this site saying they were removing our reviews. Neville had got lawyers involved, was going to sue for defamation of his company and had even gone so far as to visit the owner of the review site at his family home in London! In order to stop the harassment and legal threats, the owner had caved in was going to remove our reviews - some limited positive and negative reviews did remain though. ITTP was completely removed from this reviews site last week prompting me to take action. I have emailed the administrators of the site, twice since then asking them to reinstate ITTP and this is the reply I got - I am sorry but we are not interested in having ITTP on our site any more. I appreciate the fact you are frustrated but we do not want to our waste our time with him. Neville would relentlessly email us threatening legal action and he even visited one of the admin of the site at their flat in London after he got his personal details. He would call and text with legal threats. There were positive reviews popping up on the site for ITTP which we could not verify and were coming from IPs within Prague and any negative reviews he would threaten legal action for defamation. The final straw was last week when he emailed about 20 times in the space of a week giving us a deadline or legal action and will be suing for $1000 every day (loss of one customer per day) his company was mentioned on our site. It is not worth our time to have him on there. His company is a hassle. Abroad Reviews receives over 400 unique visitors per day and the way we see it, he is not getting access to any of them. We would prefer no more emails on this from you, as we will not be changing our mind. You need to find another site. We realize what he is doing is wrong but we do not have the funding or time to keep dealing with him. We are tired of him.

TEFL Reviews -

This website it turns out has either incredibly poor ethics or more likely is owned by Neville and ITTP. I had tried to post on this site in the past and my review had always been rejected. Funnily enough, despite the fact ITTP has terrible rankings elsewhere, it was the top ranked company on this website and my past negative reviews had never appeared. I was suspicious, so as a test, myself and other classmates tried to post under an alias this past month and within 2 hours of posting, Neville (the owner of the company I was supposed to be reviewing confidentially) had my email address, contact details and IP address. Is this legal? Can a TEFL company own what is supposed to be an ???independent, unbiased reviews website???? I would advise all TEFL companies with listings on this site to get them removed immediately from this website and take action against ITTP if you are listed on here.

What this means is the only review website Neville now has his company on is his own reviews website - TEFL Reviews. He is using a review website under the guise of being "independent" to promote his own company and run down other TEFL companies after threatening other review sites so they removed ITTP.

Needless to say, I am incredibly upset, my classmates are upset and this is no longer about our experience, rather the fact Neville tries so hard to mislead potential clients. Review site owners will no longer receive our reviews, citing they no longer wish to be ???harassed or threatened by the owner of ITTP???. Is that right that a company can hide their company performance through bullying and threatening review websites?

Neville???s response to this publicly has always been that the reason our reviews are removed from review sites is because they rant and are not reviews. His claims that the reviews are removed because they are ???defamation??? are not true and if you ask any of the owners of TEFL Course Reviews or Abroad Reviews, they will confirm that Neville harasses them and threatens them legally to have the reviews removed. They have both explicitly told me in emails in the past when I have complained that the reviews have been removed.

Here is a blog I am currently writing to keep people informed of real feedback regarding Neville's company ITTP TEFL Prague -

975a69f9, 2013-04-09, 11:58AM CDT

Neville Thomas / ITTP PRAGUE ripped me off too,i too fell for his accommodation scam. he is dashing the hopes of trainees who are trying to get on in life by ripping them off.

eba82bd0, 2013-04-13, 11:07AM CDT

I took the course in 2008. My email correspondence with Neville made me immediately suspicious. I was overly enthusiastic and overlooked many things that seemed less than credible. Neville wanted to meet me personally so I could pay him in cash when I arrived to Prague. Meeting a person I've never met before in a city I've never been to with a large sum of cash seemed unwise and quite an odd request coming from the director of an "accredited" school. I was offered a smaller, more affordable room or a larger one. I chose the smaller room and was then told it was unavailable, as it had been taken already and I would have to pay for the larger room. When I arrived I found that no one was in the smaller room. It was empty. I was charged for the larger room because it was just another opportunity for ITTP to take money from me. The job placement guarantee consists of a list of schools and their addresses, the same information is available on the internet for free. There is no real job placement, don't fall for this. You will have to go find your own teaching work, and you will do that work, not ITTP. I felt the pressure of a hard-sales tactic to send a non-refundable deposit to Neville. Once he got the rest of my money, he did not seem very interested in communicating with me and put on the airs of a guy who actually works in education, which he does not. It was impossible to get him on the phone. He will communicate only through email, so he can control the conversation, where he presents himself as the dean of some prestigious institution. My TEFL certificate from ITTP is not really worth anything. Your interactions with this company will set off some instinctive alarms. Listen to them. Stay away. During my years in Prague I met many other people who took a class at ITTP. They were all either angry or disappointed. Your best bet it to get some TEFL training from a genuine, accredited, well-known college or university in your home country. Do your training at home, then travel to Prague or wherever and find work. Don't give a huge amount of money to some TEFL school working out of a rented office space. Most colleges and universities offer TEFL classes. Even if you just pay to audit them, it will be good enough on your CV. Teaching english as a second language through language schools is probably not something you are going to make a living at for a long time. If you want to work abroad for a year and live hand-to-mouth, it can be a fun adventure. You will deal with shady language schools who will not pay you. You will travel long hours from office to office - time that you are not paid for. When you do get paid, it will be poorly. If you really want to make a living teaching english, go back to school and get a Master's degree in education or second language acquisition. When you have proper teaching credentials you can apply at well-established international schools, not "internationally known language schools", but private schools that teach a full curriculum and offer benefits and a real salary. If you are really compelled to go take a TEFL class from one of the many bad, "accredited through Oxford or Cambridge or the college of teachers" - this is meaningless, by the way, TEFL shops in Prague, stay away from ITTP. You may learn a little something about teaching english, but you will be hustled and scammed out of your money. You will be disappointed.

Lucie Z., 2013-05-10, 06:32AM CDT

Ok, anyone considering taking the comments of HBlendon seriously, please please read this first.

HBlendon wrote:

'I am a former ITTP TEFL Prague student and I am writing this complaints to provide a place where people can review ITTP TEFL Prague without fear of their reviews being removed. It is also to alert other potential TEFL clients to a major review scam currently being run by Neville Thomas and ITTP TEFL Prague. What his company did to myself and my classmates was really poor, however that is not my problem now. My problem is his attitude and dirty games towards our complaints and subsequent online reviews which has made me really angry. '

That's not really true, is it HBlendon. Yes, ITTP has attracted some negative reviews, but no more than any other onsite or online TEFL course. Spend a bit of time looking and you'll see that all well-known onsite and online courses attract a fair balance of positive and negative reviews. That's normal.

What's not normal though is this:

Since about April 23 of last year we see a flood of extremely similar forum posts and reviews. All of them have similar titles, similar content, have something to do with a supposed scam ITTP Prague, or ramblings on about lousy accommodation at ITTP Prague. Whole "blogs" have even been created with the sole intention of writing one post - a negative review about ITTP.

All this since April 23.

Anyone with half a brain can see that all of these forum posts / reviews / one-post blogs were created by the same person or small group of people with some personal issue against ITTP or someone who works for them - clearly Neville, the joint owner of ITTP and widely respected in the Prague Education community as far as I and my colleagues are aware. Oh, and unlike you I have lived in Prague for 13 years so I think I can write with a bit more unbiased clarity ;)

Just look at the language used in the posts - there's not even any attempt to use different writing styles to make it look like they were written by different people. Have a look at the comments in the review that HBlendon quotes on his blog, for example - the language is so unbelievably unnatural for a genuine reply to a forum thread, it's laughable - they are such obviously staged replies, written by the same person that wrote the original post.

HBlendon (or whatever the person's real name is) quite obviously has some personal issue with ITTP and has decided to devote a large amount of time and energy into trying to discredit them.

My advice to anyone reading this - treat anything negative you read about ITTP written on or after April 23 with a very large pinch of salt.

P.S. No, before you ask, HBlendon, I don't work for ITTP.

tony p., 2013-06-24, 02:44PM CDT

I stumbled upon this link

Does anyone have any comments as I am wanting to do a tefl course online and trying to wade through all the conflicting info i've found on forums such as this one.

Thanking you for your feedback

[email protected]

tony p., 2013-07-02, 04:42AM CDT

Firstly i don't work for ittp.

i can see these blog posts began in around april of last year so if i did work for ittp why wait until now to respond like this. i just want to get that out of the way.

i DO though study on the ittp online course and began doing so on friday last week and i came across this page researching my online course options and i must write that pages like this one actually clinched the deal for me because i was sure that the posts were written by either 1 person or a few and the amount of energy spent on this assured me that the school existed so i wasn't going to sign up and pay and find out it was an online school scam. so i began the course with ittp on friday and so far very satisfied with all aspects of the package. i feel they deserve a plug here so here is their website:

I don't know anything about threatening site administrators, fake reviews or any of the other crazy half-baked claims on this page but I think that one should validate this as fact first or just simply being equivalent to the brown slime which seeps from the rear end of the male version of the cow species.

Lets take into account all of the info on this page which also appears on a blog (probably set up by the same person) where people can post without any verification at all, and of which posts were obviously also set up by the same person who wasted his or her time on this blog:

SHOCKING isn't it!!!

why, all the same claims listed on that blogs are also listed on this page too!!!

but, I did some sniffing around and noticed that the version of the blog (that's folks btw) has been censored by Google. They have taken off the written claims which also appear identically on the generic .com version of the blog and on the complaints sites.

why was the version of this site deemed unpublishable by Google? I don't think they close blogs just for giggles as they take free speech seriously so why would they take off the version of this blog, citing legal reasons, if everything written on this blog were based on fact? Mmmm :-D

... because if it is deemed unsuitable for Google to publish it then you know it's essentially a load of man cow seeping goo :-)

teflonline reviews, 2013-10-28, 04:54AM CDT

I'm adding a recent (moderated) review which we received at (an ONLINE TEFL Course reviews website, NOT on-site !!!) and which has gone live on our site. The reason for this is that in the past week we have been receiving many negative reviews of the ITTP TEFL Prague program and all from the same ip address. My interest was piqued so this morning I ran a quick google search and came across similar "reviews" and I thought I'd do the opposite and commit a random act of kindness. The following is the 1 review from 12 received this week at The only one which passed moderation and which was deemed suitable to be published, based on authenticity - the fact that the identity of the poster was confirmed as real and that it was deemed a genuine review:


This is a great program. I am a 47 year old missionary that wanted to get my certification where we could add teaching English to our ministry program. The course was great, and I learned a lot. A special note of thanks to Veronika my online tutor who was also great and very thorough with explaining any questions I had. I graduated with flying colors and this was partly because of my wonderful tutor, because of my sheer determination, because of the well-structured course content and user friendly interface. It's also internationally recognized and I've had zero issues using my certification since in job applications. My only negative point would be that during the course I sometimes felt that more emphasis could have been spent on the grammar component, but I guess that being older it was a bit more difficult for me because it's been so long since I studied grammar and anyway this wasn't a major concern as grammar was covered. I though could have done with a bit more explanation of some of the more difficult grammar rules. If I had to mark this program out of 10 then I'd give it an awesome 9.


A final message from is please stop trying to add fake ITTP on-site TEFL reviews and comments to my site! I run tefl ONLINE reviews. NOT tefl on-site reviews!!! Thank you! :D

Catherine B., 2014-01-22, 04:32PM CST

i couldn't help add my 2 cents worth because i read these posts when i was choosing my tesl course and i found that all this negative bombing of tesl schools helps absolutely nobody in the process. for what it is worth, i enjoyed my ittp tesl course experience. i wouldn't rate it a 10, but a 7 or 8 out of 10 would feel at about the right level for me, and i am not a walk-over type of person. for me it was just a course and an opportunity to experience Prague and meet a group of awesome classmates and it did this for me. i ended up teaching in Thailand on a cliche section of beach so i can attest that the certification offered by ittp is worth it's weight and i genuinely was impressed with their post course job assistance program. hey, it helped me get my slightly higher than moderately paid cliche English teaching job by the sea! overall i'd definitely recommend the investment in this course, but my advice is just don't travel to Prague and think ittp will do absolutely everything for you. They take care of you, but somethings you gotta do yourself [naturally].

i'm happy to answer any questions prospective students might have

[email protected]

Brian W., 2014-03-03, 01:46PM CST

I've recently been scammed by ITTP Prague for a TEFL (ESL Teaching) certificate by their "manager" Veronika Perca Swierkova After I expressed my discontent with their unprofessionalism as a company she boasted of defacing my certificate (as evidenced in the proof) which I paid for but in actuality hasn't mailed me anything after a month of waiting for the defaced certificate. Please do not send them any money and report this to as many people as you can. I'm also fairly certain they are affiliated/operate as they will not publish my "scam" report on their website and they are ranked very highly on that site.

In addition, please Facebook message or email Veronika at [email protected] and tell her she is a Fraud.

Kelly G., 2014-04-30, 10:49AM CDT

Yes this place is a scam. I enrolled for the onsite course January 2013, paid it in full only to find out the place was out of business. I spent the entire summer in Prague and found this place, it is a Yoga studio. I have currently filed a criminal complaint with the FBI and with the authorities in Prague. If you are looking for an online certificate, look elsewhere, trust me there are better, credentialed universities that offer this certificate. Oh, and you don't need a school like this to get a job, I found plenty of work and had many job interviews in Prague.

Casey P., 2014-07-19, 04:26AM CDT

I just completed the ITTP TEFL Online 100 hour Integrative Online course and I never experienced any of the issues outlined in the above thread. To be quite honest I laughed out loud to myself when I read them because they are obviously fabricated by someone who has it in for the company. Anyone considering ITTP for their online TEFL course can feel free to contact me via email if you want to hear from someone who actually paid and took their course:

[email protected]

I will be happy to set the record straight.

For the record, here is my ITTP course review which I recently submitted:

I just completed the ITTP TEFL Online 100 hour Integrative Online course and here is my feedback.

I do just want to add that I took the course on the back of a friend who took the course previously, so ITTP for me wasn?t a complete blind experience.

Positives: The application procedure went very smoothly. I felt the application form questions were relevant and it only took a few days between submitting the application form online and being accepted to the course, with plenty of communication from the ITTP admin in between. There was a slight hiccup making my payment, but this was the fault of my bank and not ITTP (I didn?t know that my bank has in place an automatic block when I try and make an overseas payment). Very reassuring was that within 24 hours of my payment made I received my welcome email package from ITTP, together with my login password for the course. Communication was always prompt and professional. The course itself was very good and much more in depth than I had initially expected and made me realize all the complexities of teaching English to someone who had little or no English language skills. Logically thought out and very easy to follow (for someone like me especially who doesn?t have a lot of online study experience). My online tutor (Joe) was very attentive and helped me through any difficult sections of the course with helpful prompts. Received my certificate at the end of the course and this was a satisfactory certificate for my employer where I now teach English full-time. I thought it might be useful to ask ITTP for a reference letter in the case that I might change jobs in future and this wasn?t an issue for the ITTP admin.

Negatives: It transpires that I paid more for the course than my friend, because Matt applied and paid when they were running a course discount. I knew nothing of this and felt a little gutted that my course cost $100 more than his did (both receiving exactly the same course and services). Also, I felt that at times the course relied too much on intuitive knowledge and in particular in Module 5 I had to ask my tutor many times for his help and support to get through the module. Admittedly I did only come across this wall in the 5th module. I found this module very difficult and I breathed a huge lug of air when I completed it and progressed to Module 6. My tutor was a star, but communication at the weekends was a bit hit and miss.

Overall I can definitely recommend the ITTP TEFL Online course and the certificate has served me well. I know I can contact ITTP at any time for further support and this for me is worth its weight in gold. Just watch out for that 5th Module! :)

Casey P.

007db5b6, 2014-07-19, 06:39PM CDT

The ITTP Prague scam has been running for Many years now .Ran by an rogue of the worst kind, Englishman Neville Thomas has caused misery and much loss of money to anybody unfortunate enough to enroll. This forum is one of the very few places that Neville cannot touch. Google has removed all ITTP listing on google places due to complaints. It is blatantly obvious that all glowing reviews of the course written anywhere on the net are penned by the same hand -Nevilles.

Casey P., 2014-07-20, 03:30AM CDT

I personally take offense at your (anonymous) remark because I am a bona fide student who wants to add my version of events. I think it is obvious to anyone reading this thread that a). it is unmoderated and b). your only goal is to throw as much dirt as you can at ITTP.

If you really took a ITTP course and if you really experienced the type of service which you experienced then surely there are better ways to solve your situation than making yourself look silly and trying to put into disrepute anyone who comes on here with a sincere aim at telling their part of the story?

I shall repeat what I wrote, that anyone considering ITTP for their online TEFL course can feel free to contact me via email if you want to hear from someone who actually paid and took their course:

[email protected]

I will be happy to set the record straight.

Emily C., 2014-10-18, 11:22PM CDT

completely agree with you Casey P.

Emily C., 2014-10-19, 05:17AM CDT

I have begun a blog of my own


68b2eef0, 2014-11-03, 06:12PM CST

Neville Thomas and ITTP are human pieces of garbage. They are swindlers and last year I had an awful experience with them. I had moved to Europe, with the intention to teach English in Prague, I paid upwards of $1200 for the onsite course and accommodation, only to have them both abruptly cancelled, and refund refused. So I felt like my money was stolen as an advertised service wasn't provided. Even when their dodgy terms and conditions dictated that I was entitled to some money back, I got zilch. I was threatened with legal action for posting my views and opinions on the matter online, and Neville and his puppy Veronika ceased all communication with me. They took down their Facebook page...and if they don't even have the guts to keep a FB page and public forum, then you know something is dodgy. I and some others posted comments on there and they deleted the whole thing. If you take a casual stroll on the internet and look into ITTP you will see how many people have spoken out against them, and also, how many 'copied and pasted' defences of this illegitimate company keep popping up in a vain attempt to besmirch those who dare speak out. Their website is pathetically outdated, and even when I went to the building in Prague, there was no indication that they existed (no signs, contact details etc.) That stain Neville has threatened online review site admins, and generally, from what I have found has a terrible rep amongst TEFL community in Prague. Luckily his onsite course seems to be sinking. What a toy.



Kyle B., 2014-11-13, 04:46PM CST

I paid for ITTP's November 2013 course and was conned out of $1,111. Don't use their onsite or online course, because the onsite course doesn't exist despite any claims they make to the contrary, and I've heard their online course is completely worthless. Don't support this unethical business. I've posted a video on youtube because I know it's sometimes hard to know who to trust, so I've put my face on this, I am who I say I am:

Emily C., 2014-11-16, 05:24AM CST

The same fake negative reviews added by the same fake people.

Do a simple Google search people on "Kyle" and "Marin" together with ITTP and you'll see they are persistent trolls.


Kyle B., 2014-11-16, 02:30PM CST

"Emily"/Neville Thomas, you're getting really lazy about this, huh? In retrospect, this whole thing is kind of funny to me, because you're so awful at it. Your only advantage is that no one expects some sad, cynical, bald British douche to spend so much time and energy marketing a sub-par (or, more often, non-existent) product, and defending its quality using fake accounts, fake blogs, fake reviews etc. It's just utterly amazing how little shame you have. The only reason you've had any success is that it's truly hard for people dealing with you to wrap their heads around what you do. I read people's warning about your company, I knew in my gut that you were going to steal my money, but I'd just never come into contact with such scum before, and so I didn't quite believe that it was real. It blew my mind. I'd never encountered such a worthless, petty, empty human being. I honestly pity you, you sad, sociopathic tool.

Emily C., 2014-11-21, 12:53AM CST

i rest my case ;)


Kelly G., 2014-12-10, 09:33AM CST

Emily C,

I am sorry, but you do not have a case. Any moron can start a stupid blog. My review is not fake, it's real. The real fake here is you. BTW, You might want to consider taking English 101, your writing is not very good.

Kyle B: Please feel free to email me, and I will give you the name of the attorney I am working with in Prague. The authorities there are very interested in this case.

[email protected]

Kelly G., 2014-12-10, 09:33AM CST

Emily C,

I am sorry, but you do not have a case. Any moron can start a stupid blog. My review is not fake, it's real. The real fake here is you. BTW, You might want to consider taking English 101, your writing is not very good.

Kyle B: Please feel free to email me, and I will give you the name of the attorney I am working with in Prague. The authorities there are very interested in this case.

[email protected]

Kelly G., 2014-12-10, 09:33AM CST

Emily C,

I am sorry, but you do not have a case. Any moron can start a stupid blog. My review is not fake, it's real. The real fake here is you. BTW, You might want to consider taking English 101, your writing is not very good.

Kyle B: Please feel free to email me, and I will give you the name of the attorney I am working with in Prague. The authorities there are very interested in this case.

[email protected]

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