Fly Dubai - Bad Service of Fly Dubai

Posted on Saturday, April 7th, 2012 at 5:09am CDT by e362438e

Product: Crew Flight Attendant

Company: Fly Dubai

Location: UAE
Dubai, AE


Category: Other

To Whom Concern unfortunately i got a very bad experiences during my flight in Fly Dubai i received a ZERO and BAD customer service inside the flight here the brief this is my booking reference: HGD95E and flight: FZ-705 from Dubai to Baku i got a very bad service from one service crew named IMAD he only one arabic during flight and he is ignoring any one calling for such of required of kind of service when im walking going to the wash room im meet him opposite the door i greet him with good smile i asked him i tried to call you many times but you are not answered you did not heard me? or what? i got a very bad answer and i surprised in his answer "do you think i will answer anyone calling me BULL SHIT everyone is calling me not only" and he said more " you like it or you don't like get lost and sit down in your sit" and i ask him are you sure you talking in the passenger that way he answer me "i don't care who you are and do ever you can and show me your muscles" up to now i am very surprised to encounter that kind of people in a Big and Carrying a very luxury name (Dubai) from that bad experience i did not take that flight coming back from my business trip because of my bad experience


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