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Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2012 at 10:28am CDT by Anonymous

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I went to Tax Defense Network with my IRS problems because of their rating with the Better Business Bureau. The rep on the phone was rude and told me that if I didn't deal with my problems now, with them, that I would be facing jail time-which I found out later wasn't true. I was scared into hiring them but they told me they could reduce what I owed to the IRS. This never happened. Instead, Tax Defense Network gave themselves power of attorney to sign documents on my behalf without me knowing. These documents ended up putting my case in limbo for years and years-according the the IRS. And when my case can even be looked at again I will still owe the IRS just as much as I owed before. All this did was buy time-the last thing I needed. No matter how much time passes I will still not be able to afford paying what the IRS says I owe them. When I called Tax Defense Network and expressed my feelings they were rude and refused to refund my money. I am extremely upset at this entire experience.


TDN Representative, 2012-04-06, 12:07PM CDT

As a representative of Tax Defense Network, I would like to apologize for your bad experience. We strive to give our clients exceptional service and would like a chance to do the same with you. Please contact our Gold Star Customer Care department immediately at 1-877-856-5118 or by email at [email protected] so we can properly address your issue.

3e41e0d6, 2012-07-21, 12:31AM CDT

My boyfriend and I are going through a similar experience. Tax Defense Network said that they would contact the IRS and "get the ball rolling" so that the IRS knew we wanted to take care of our tax problem and a levy wouldn't be taken out. Suddenly, a full wage levy was put on and Tax Defense said that that should not have happened, but they would take care of it so that it wouldn't happen again; however, the full wage levy was still on the next check because "some paperwork" didn't go through correctly. It took over a month for the levy to be taken off when we were told it wasn't going to happen in the first place. Now, we received an e-mail saying that the lady handling our case will have his full wage release levy in her hands by the middle of next week. Since my boyfriend works overseas, he is now on his way home scared that he won't have a paycheck while he is back. No one mentioned another full wage levy! Also, we feel as though Tax Defense Network did not "negotiate" for us at all. After talking to other people, it sounds like we would have done better calling the IRS ourselves. Going with Tax Defense Network has been a total waste of money!

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