Target - Did not appreciate being called a liar!!

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2012 at 11:07am CDT by 082992dc

Company: Target

Location: 2060 S Independence Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA, US


Category: Other

On a previous visit to this store, I either dropped a purchased gift card or it was not given to me. I called the store that day and spoke with Markita who told me "they" had the card and to pick it up at guest services. When I went to get the card today, no one could find it. Matt, one of the store managers and who was not in any kind of identifying uniform, told me the video showed me with the card in my hand as I approached guest services and then going back to the cashier area, which was not true. I left the store after visiting guest services and the only reason I was at guest services was because the stupid cashier had no clue to ring up the coupon she forgot to include with my order. I asked to see the video but was told I could not without his bosses permission.

I explained to Matt that if I lost the card, that was my fault but why was I told to pick up the card at guest services. He was so bent on proving that I was either a thief or a liar that he never listened to the part about being told to pick up the card.

Ultimately, the associates at guest services (who are not managers)gave me a new card - which was the right thing to do. I had no reason to lie and certainly don't have time to go back and forth to stores.


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