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Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2012 at 10:31am CDT by 0def46d3

Product: Check ordering

Company: 123 Cheap Checks

Location: 8906 South Harlem Avenue Bridgeview IL 60455
Bridgeview, Il, 60455, US

URL: http://www.123cheapchecks.com

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I paid an additional $45 for shipping and also $5 for "in plant rush" in order to receive my checks in a timely manner. I ordered the checks on April 3 and they will not arrive until April 9! The package weighs a total of 1#. Shipping something that weighs that little should never take 4 days, especially when that much money is paid extra. When I contacted them, they said it was because they mean "business days", which has nothing to do with shipping times. If they had OK'd Saturday delivery, I would have them. I order many things online and NEVER pay that much for 2nd day shipping, and always get it on 2nd day, regardless of what day of the week it is. Do not pay extra for shipping for anything!


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ee3dfae8, 2012-04-26, 12:12PM CDT

We are sorry the order delivery time did not meet up to the customer's expectations. However, we feel we provided a realistic timeframe to the customer before the order was placed.

As mentioned the customer chose UPS 2-Day shipping. Right next to that option our website states this timeframe: "5-6 business days from receipt of order."

Also, the customer chose our In-Plant Rush option which we state will "Save up to 2 days off processing time." Combine that information with the timeframe given for 2-Day shipping, and the customer could expect the order to be delivered 3-4 business days from receipt of the order. Customer ordered late at night on a Tuesday, so the order would have been received the next business day (Wednesday), putting the expected delivery time at the following Monday or Tuesday.

Here is the actual order timeline:

* Order placed at 10:26 PM local time on Tuesday, 4/3

* Order was printed and packaged for shipping by mid-day Thursday 4/5

* UPS picked up package from our facility at 8:26 PM Thursday, 4/5

* Order was delivered 2 business days later at 6:05 PM Monday, 4/9

Obviously this is right in the timeframe that was given. Customer is correct that we do not have a Saturday delivery option, but at no time were they led to believe that was a possibility.

In the end, we provide all the necessary information to customers up front, before orders are placed, so they can choose the processing and shipping options that work for them based on when they need their order. Unfortunately, this customer's expectation went beyond what was stated on our website.

a485aa4b, 2012-07-29, 10:52PM CDT

I will never use them again....The fact that they defend their poor business practice makes me hope they will not be around to disappoint anyone else.

8fa7bf48, 2013-01-17, 12:36PM CST

My account number was mis-printed. When I contacted them I was told that they would give me a 20% discount on a correction order. I know for certain that the information I entered was correct and when I tried to tell them that, they gave me a big run around so basically, I am out the cost of two boxes of checks plus the "extras" I had included in my check order. Needless to say, my first and last experience with this company.

Business Reply  123 Cheap Checks, 2013-01-17, 03:13PM CST

We are sorry the customer was dissatisfied with their experience in ordering checks from our company.

It is unfortunate that the checking account number printed on the checks was incorrect. However, it was the account number entered by the customer during the online ordering process. Our system does not print anything different from what the customer enters. There is a confirmation screen that shows the customer what they entered and encourages them to double check their info to make sure it is accurate.

Regarding this particular customer, our web logs show that throughout the process of entering and updating their check information they actually viewed this confirmation screen nine times prior to submitting their order. So the customer had ample opportunity to spot and catch any inaccuracies.

Our policy is clearly stated on our site that we are not responsible for any typographical errors on any custom printed product submitted through our web system. However, we realize on occasion that customers inadvertently make mistakes which is why we offered to reprint this customer's checks at a 30% discount. Unfortunately, they chose not to accept our offer. The offer still stands should they change their mind.

e9093673, 2014-01-12, 08:33PM CST

No problem with the checks and they arrived quickly, but the perforations are awful! Checks tear in the same place every time. I'll order elsewhere in the future.

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