InterNations - Internations: For your convenience, your membership will be renewed automatically

Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 8:58am CDT by 882bbb14

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"For your convenience, your membership will be renewed automatically."

This was part of the answer I got from Internations when I complained about debiting my credit card without notice; and requested to void my membership and credit the 39.30 EUR back to my credit card.

When signing up for an Albatross membership I ticked that I agreed to their terms and conditions; not reading the whole 9 pages, i.e. on page 8 the Consumer's Right to Cancellation. Of course legally they were entitled to debit my credit card, but I feel ethically it does not make it right to hide deep in the terms and conditions that this contract will be automatically renewed. Taken into consideration that generally only 7% of people read the Terms & Conditions I am pretty sure that you are very well aware of this fact and that they take advantage of it.


c95c5e3f, 2012-04-05, 10:24AM CDT

The information this user is referring to is not only located in our General Terms and Conditions, but is also stated on our upgrade site. When a member signs up for an Albatross Membership they are informed right away on the invoice and in their My Account section that it will automatically be renewed for their convenience, unless the Albatross Member downgrades his or her account before the Albatross Membership expires. This information is not provided in fine print, but is in the same font size as the other words on the page.

We see it as our responsibility to inform the user of our policies, but it is the user's prerogative to use this information accordingly.

70eb8638, 2014-07-11, 02:49AM CDT

this is what porn sites do and internations should be shut down because of this default auto payment. wish i didn't have credit in my credit card to have them cheat me out of my good hard earned money. sad disappointing use of technology to do good. their mission statement is completely misaligned. i regret ever signing up. and will continue to disparage internations

just look how hard it is to find the cancel page on their site. they don't make it easy and they don't send you a receipt when the payment is taken. criminal use of legal clauses when they send you a response.

completely criminal website!

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