Societe en Commandite Promenade du Portage - Facing Regie du Logement Hearing

Posted on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at 11:08am CDT by 7d400d30

Product: motel

Company: Societe en Commandite Promenade du Portage

Location: 15 Buteau, Unit 220 Gatineau

Category: Other

Societe en Commandite Promenade du Portage runs a scam under the disguise of the Duvernay Motel. They rent rooms for long periods of time,do no repairs and if a long term tenants complains, well the owners simply evict them. They are currently facing Judgement with the Regie du Logement regarding evictions for no Just Cause. They claim they are a motel business, but in reality are running a Rooming and Boarding Facility. Denis Ouellette is the property manager.

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Patricia M., 2012-04-17, 01:44PM CDT

I agree. Boless Inc. run by Denis Ouellette manages the motel. They rent rooms for 10 years or more but if tenants complain about water seepage, no cable services for two months, then they use the old "we're a motel" and tenants have no rights.

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