OneStopMotors - Unsatisfactory Service in selling an RV

Posted on Sunday, April 29th, 2012 at 2:53pm CDT by 13f8ac62

Product: Selling motorized vechiles

Company: OneStopMotors

Location: One Stop Motors Inc 2950 South Rancho Dr Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV, 89102, US


Category: Other

I signed up to sell an Rv in May 2011. I nwas advised at that time to list it at $46,900. I told David at the time I wanted to sell it as soon as possible. I lowered the list price in Jul, Sept, and Dec 2011. I again lowered the list price in Jan 2012. I never once got a call from One Stop Motors even after talking to them on numerous occassions about what needed to be done to get this Rv sold. I advertised it myself on Craigslist in Feb 2012 and within 1 month it was sold. After doing some research I believe it was overpriced in the beginning. They never assisted me in selling the vechile. I paid $299 to list it with them. I was very unsatisfied with the service. After I sold it I E-Mailed them to take my listing off their website and what had happened. They said they would take it down but none of my concerns were ever addressed. Very poor customer service. I would stay away from the company and its website.


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