Monkeyman Tree Service - Monkeyman Tree Service Bad Customer Service

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 1:51pm CDT by 6299baf0

Product: Wood Splitting

Company: Monkeyman Tree Service

Location: Upper Black Eddy


Category: Home, Garden

I contacted Monkeyman Tree Service to split wood from a fallen tree. They quickly responded and called me with a price and told me they would contact me when they could come and do the work. After 2 weeks when they did not contact me I called again and asked if they wanted the job or should I find someone else. I was told that they really wanted the work and would come soon. A week later they called to set a date. I called the day before (to make sure they would come)and was told that their splitter broke (conveniently)- just that day and they had no intention of ever calling me again. I called a week later and finally realized that they were never going to do the job in the first place. That made me quite mad - wasting my time and energy going after them when they should have been honest in the first place.


8d7447f4, 2013-09-04, 03:37PM CDT

This company must be the worst company we'd dealt with in a LONG... LONG... while. Once they get your money, YOU will have to chase them for the promised products coz they never call you or email you anymore. And after delays & delays of over 6 weeks without even a slight hint of apology- only excuses, you get some products which are quickly & sloppily put together, not properly dried, sanded & measured, and wrong design. When you have it in your place, you want to sue them for wasting so much of your time. At least that's what happened to us. We had to buy lots of tools to correct all those things but it still looks bad.

2d108613, 2013-09-18, 08:35AM CDT

Wow, you can see from the above Monkeyman's comment what kind of business ethics they have.


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