Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 8:06am CDT by 808d18e2

Product: Delivery

Company: Fedex

Location: US

Category: Other

Fedex will not make a schedule delivery to you and then lie about it.

You get a computer generated call notifying you that a delivery will be made the next day

You then have to devote the whole day to waiting for the delivery as you are not even given a morning or evening delivery time.

I checked their site when I did not receive the delivery by noon and read that the delivery failed because no one was on the premises to receive the package which required a signature for its delivery.

Called their CUSS SERVICE, told the girl that the delivery man never made an attempt to make the drop and that no notification of attempt to make a delivery was left in the form of a slip attached to the door.

She replied that the notice of attempt to make a delivery was just a courtesy extended to the customer and was not required of their drivers.

I asked her to have the driver make the delivery that day. She kept saying that they do not make reattempts to make a delivery the same day even though I told her repeatedly that no attempt was ever made.

I asked to speak to a supervisor; she put me on hold for some time and then the connection was broken.

If I have to use FEDEX again for delivery purposes, I will by locally.


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