tony almodova - incomplete construction work

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 11:56pm CDT by 196cb36e

Product: the green mark landscaping

Company: tony almodova

Location: AR, US

Category: Building, Construction

i contracted mr tony almodova to build a blockwall surrounding my home.his contract was to remove all the existing wought iron from around my home, refinish all my gates paint them,.make any adjustments necessary to assure perfect alignment of the wall and the new wrought iron placed on top of the wall per my hoa construction approval. he painted everything beautifully in white, did a beautiful stucco job on the exterior of the wall matching my home.

this is the downside of his work. he tried to tell me that the bolts that were missing on the right side of wrought platesplaced on top of the blocked wall were not necessary, and that they were only decorative.he replaced my double gates enclosing my dog run too high and did not move the latch lock that was placed in the ground to secure the gate totally.he promised to lower the gates. this was not done.he took an ornament cap off of my proptery that was to cover one of the wrought support beams stationed at the double gates. i had my retired engineerfriend next door look over all his work and we documented eveything that required correcting. he came back and i read over the things that my neighbor don had tony almodova did insert all the missing bolts and paint them only after Don had told me that he was lying. on april 19th i left a message with mr almodova regarding the gate adjustment and the ornament cap that was removed.on friday april 20th mr TONY ALMODOVA HAD BLOCKED MY NAME AND NUMBER FROM HIS PHONE SO THAT I COULD NOT REACH HIM again..HE AND HIS WORKER TOOK THE ORNAMENT CAP OFF OF MYPROPERTY.I GAVE THIS LANDSCAPER ALL MY WROUGHT IRON. THERE WERE MANY ORNAMENT CAPS TO ASSURE THAT EVERTHING WAS COMPLETED ON THIS PROJECT.

yet he was trying to cut corners at my

expense and incompletion of my blocked wall construction.


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