Premier Martial Arts - Premier Martial Arts franchise is a rip off

Posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 8:33am CDT by cba5b8fb

Company: Premier Martial Arts

Location: 9030 Gray Pointe Dr
Knoxville, TN, 37922, US


Category: Other

This company is unprofessional, untalented, and full of dishonesty. The owner is nothing but a used car salesman and doesnt care about the integrity of his business, rather just collecting your monthly franchise fee. Your agreement is suppose to include unlimted access to the owner who is suppose to be this amazing consultant, and is never available for calls and never responds to emails. You pay this outrageous monthly fee basically to get directed to a website to collect your own information that is already available for free on multiple websites. All that is being done is they copy what everyone else is already doing. Nothing new here. This guy talks a good talk, but that is all he is, is talk. This business is not about teaching martial arts and growing your business like he tries to convince you when signing a lengthly contractual agreement, it is a rip off scam. Using the name Premier Martial Arts as your own will hurt you rather than help you, the owners name is destroyed in the Martial Arts Industry, he is known as a loud mouthed crook. Before you take the advice of this consultant, check out his own location, not many students left.

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516d3b7b, 2012-04-25, 01:27PM CDT

First, Premier Martial Arts is a licensing program not a franchise.

Second, Premier Martial Arts school owners are some of the most successful martial arts school owners in the country. Mr. Van Over has taught countless numbers of school owners how to be successful in the martial arts industry.

Before Mr. Van Over was a consultant to the Martial Arts Industry he owned two martial arts schools that maintained over 500 students each. Today Mr. Van Over still owns two of his own martial arts schools, one being over 10,000sq ft, where many of the newest breakthroughs in the martial arts business are discovered and tested before being published to his clients.

Mr. Van Over's programs are more than just talk and information his program has substance. Every month the company spends over $50,000 a month to bring it's clients the latest and greatest in new technologies and marketing.

Today Mr. Van Over's staff is working on what stands to be the best enterprise software application the martial arts industry has seen for twenty years.

Mr. Van Over and his consultants meet with clients on a weekly basis. Each client is urged to work continually on a project with the Martial Arts MG staff to make sure they are always focused 100% on their business.

For as many clients as Mr. Van Over has helped to become successful, nearly as many has fallen by the wayside. One thing will always stand true, just because you pay for a service doesn't mean it will get you anywhere. The clients that become truly successful with Mr. Van Over's business systems are those that are engaged with the company and implement the systems as Mr. Van Over recommends and stays engaged in on going projects.

I truly feel sorry for the person that wrote the above review they obviously thought just hiring a consultant would solve all their problems...Sorry that's just not the way things work.

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