Pyamid Industries - eBay seller 4 Thermoco - No refund or reply received

Posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 1:38pm CDT by 264e6ddc

Product: Wind Turbine

Company: Pyamid Industries - eBay seller 4 Thermoco

Location: Theroco 46644 182nd St. West
Del Sur, CA, 93536-8914, US

Category: Other

First purchase 10/24/11, after receipt had to wait for no wind to install, then had to wait for wind 2 generate watts, the watts never were what was described, so calls & emails were sent. Just return the unit & a replacement will be sent. Had 2 wait 4 a no wind day for removal, then shipped it back. Replacement rec'd. the 2nd unit did not preform either as described but more time passed for installation & another removal, after we were told to return it for a full refund. We are still waiting. Of course the 45 days are up & no help from eBay or Pay Pal. We are now out $578. with no recourse???

eBay suggested a web site,

but that is for foreign companiesonly. Big help that was. The seller in the meantime has removed all avenues of contact, I call the phone number listed & it is never answered by a human, but goes into voice mail & the calls are never returned. There must be some recourse for this kind of behavior. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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84ef4aed, 2012-04-25, 03:30PM CDT

More bashing from my competitor who will stop at nothing to discredit me. Another phantom complaint.

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