express personell - discrimination

Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 at 1:06pm CDT by 7e1f4588

Product: express personnell

Company: express personell

Location: 109 north arthur pocatello, idaho 83204
pocatello, id, 83204, US


Category: Other

yes i applied for these company back in december 2011, i was told they would find me jobs. well i found a welding job, tha was i was very qualified for. but i called like i was told to do well never got a call, so i was upset i called and asked what was up, and i asked them i am more then qualified, but apparently i am just stupid was the way this persons attitude made me feel, while i stated my opinion if you have a college degree, why can't you actually know what your doing. i a sorry but i have been told that they won't reffer me to any jobs. because i quetioned their qualifications. you i am sorry i just wanted to work, not be punsihed because they are feeling sorry for themselves


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