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Dear All,

I have taken an initiative to expose SAC Steel ??a short form for ??Shaukat Ali Chohan International Steel?? so that people like myself are not cheated by their malpractices. In order to identify the company please note the details of the company having web address as registered at 6130 S. Avalon Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90003 USA. I??m narrating my experience with this company in order for you to judge whether you should be dealing with this company at all and I think it is my duty to make others aware of their fraudulent practices in order to avoid emotional and mental suffering in the manner I had to undergo. The main participants of this company are Omar Chohan, Ali Chohan, Nadia Chohan, Elisa Hernandez, Peter So who collectively fool people about their real intentions. They can lie without thinking twice.

I??m a small steel stockist and trader at this point in India. After my employment with my last company where I was working as marketing manager ended in 2008, I was looking to do international trade in steel. While looking for employment, I came across SAC Steel around August 2010. I signed a contract for ??Employment at will?? where both parties can quit relationship just by giving notice. Like everyone, I found the website very impressive and the company very genuine including the fact that the steel stock was maintained online. Omar sounded very visionary and certainly deploys a lot of technology for his work. This however, is part of a very well designed marketing strategy. For Instance, please don??t be fooled by the contact us page. More than half of the office??s mentioned therein do not exist. They extensively use Virtual Numbers coupled with Microsoft Lync on their mobile phones to maintain telephone access with local numbers of respective country and Regus for upscale office to show off in case you pay a visit. Just google any of the ideas that you do not understand and you will get the picture.

Through the employment process, I understood that they will follow up continuously for their money and when it comes to payment relating to employment or customer dues/refund they would give all the employee, travel etc etc reasons for the delay. After repeated claims to improvement, I realised that all delays were on purpose. However, by that time I had done several trades on their behalf in India and made commitments in terms of material delivery and payment being locally answerable. I decided to quit SAC in December 2008 due to reasons involving incompetent staff, delays relating to salary/commission, dissatisfaction among colleagues and marketing techniques amounting to misrepresentation. However, I made sure that all trades done through me were completed even if I had to work as far as in to March,2009 so that SAC did not have to suffer because of me. SAC too pressed in couple of employees to make sure they quickly follow up pending business with me and finish everything. Omar was constantly praising my ethics and commitment to work when I was helping SAC beyond my employment period. At this point I was not aware that SAC can illegally hold customer refunds once they severe a relationship and after you leave they have no available employees to finish your pending commitments to customers. This was in addition to my pending salary+commission and agent fees that we committed with Omar??s agreement.

I??m pasting a mail below from Omar to just give an idea how long it took to get him on board to just agree to my pending salary and commission. Apart from the amount mentioned below, I had about two-three months salary pending with SAC. I hardly cared about it or wanted it. The only point was to keep the dialogue going so that he accepts my customer refunds/commissions at some point.


From: Omar Chohan <[email protected]>

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 09:35:49 +0000

To: shrenik shah ([email protected])<[email protected]>; Shrenik Shah([email protected])<[email protected]>

Cc: Elisa Hernandez<[email protected]>

Subject: Commission Payment


For the outstanding commission payment to you, our accounting department wants to confirm that you have received the payment of USD $127.62 on Nov. 4, 2010 as a commission payment.

Also, can you state from your side what you feel is owed to you. Due to the change in hands, across 3 different accountants, she wants to make sure that her records match with yours and all credits are accurately applied.

Best regards,

Omar Ali Chohan

CFO, Vice President


6130 S. Avalon Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90003 - USA

Direct: +1-323-235-6604

Fax: +1-323-315-4089

Email: [email protected]



It was August by the time Omar gave me anything! The company is really so small that if accountants are not available, owner has to really sit with it and finish. Accountants simply were reasons for Omar to delay payment or not give at all. At this point I asked him to repay my customers first as below mentioned.


From: Omar Chohan [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 06 September 2011 16:49

To: 'Shrenik Shah'; 'Shrenik Shah'

Cc: Elisa Hernandez

Subject: RE: Commission Payment

I want to get you settled first. If they have an issue, they can contact me.

Best regards,

Omar Chohan | CFO, Vice President


6130 Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90003 - USA

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Direct: +1-323-235-6604 | Mail: [email protected]

From: Shrenik Shah [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 4:17 AM

To: 'Shrenik Shah'; Omar Chohan

Cc: Elisa Hernandez

Subject: RE: Commission Payment

Also Omar, I can accept payment only after settlement of the trades done through me. I don??t want to end up in a position where I have taken my commission when my customer??s payment is pending.

Please I request you to settle Unique and Eagle legitimate refunds.



He wanted to get me out of the way so he can avoid customer refunds for excess payments/wrong delivery. My customers too contacted him in several ways but he kept insisting they have not. I mean a sane person like him very well knows what he owes and what he does not. Why does he need customer to ask for the refund?? His accounts show him that anyways!! Well again intention was to avoid the payments. At this point Omar rejected me from BBM and stop answering my calls. I had to approach his father Mr Ali with details of mails as under. Mr. Ali started in the same manner by promising results wasting my time and finally

switching off communication in a systematically cowardly fashion. After the experience, I learned where Omar got his traits from.


From: Ali Chohan [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 11 September 2011 01:42

To: '[email protected]'; Omar Chohan

Subject: Re: Pending SAC matters - Shrenik Shah (SAC India)

Hi Shrenik Shsh, I am sorry to know these pending issues. I will discuss with Omar and we will resolve them very soon. Thanking you, sincerely, Ali

Best regards,

Ali Chohan

SAC International Steel, Inc.

Tel: (323) 235-6605


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From: Shrenik Shah [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2011 03:50 AM

To: Ali Chohan

Subject: Pending SAC matters - Shrenik Shah (SAC India)

Dear Mr. Ali,

I??m really sorry that the only time I contact you is to complain about the way I??m being made to suffer for being part of SAC. Sir , in spite of my best efforts in serving SAC, SAC has not fulfilled pending obligations and has left me to face customers ire. Today the situation is such that they are asking me to give the money that is pending from your end!! I??m really under lot of pressure. My efforts to speak with Omar has really resulted in no solutions and he finds every way to avoid even the conversation citing reason that I?? not part of SAC. I agree but SAC too got all the payments and pending issues resolved through me even after I resigned and I have obliged. Now to say that the same is not true for my customers is not right. They only know me and even direct conversations with Omar has had no results after several promises to resolve. It??s been a year since some of these transactions were executed around September.

Please note that all the payments are legitimate and have no quality related issues as highlighted here (Omar is aware)

1) Trucking charges paid by Unique Handicrafts (INR 70,000). Material was sold CFR MPT and delivered only till Nava Sheva.

2) Refund of Excess Eagle payment (difference between pro-forma and actual shipped quantity)

3) Commission of HR Ent outstanding on business done through them with Omar??s consent (recorded in S??logix)

I have offered to give up my salary & commission (Abt 1500USD) pending with SAC towards settling the above accounts. I have also offered any conference , phone or confirmation that Omar would want with the direct user/middle men. After all this the matter is yet not resolved, it really concerns me as I have put a lot of time and energy into this. I do not want anything but please please help me to settle people who trusted me.

Shrenik Shah


Mr Ali, finally accepted the dues as per below mail by November of 2011. It took him another 3 months just to accept the amount of unique after daily phone calls at odd times and infinite requests.


From: Elisa Hernandez [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 05 November 2011 05:07

To: 'Shrenik Shah'

Cc: Ali Chohan

Subject: RE: SAC India Report

Hi Shrenik,

I have received Rosie??s report and the following customers are owed the amounts listed below:

Unique: $2,385.50

Eagle: $1,102.12

I will give you a tentative date early next week on payment status, when I can formulate a cashflow plan. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Elisa Hernandez


Direct: 323-206-3083

Email: [email protected]



In my efforts till today i.e. April ,2012 , I only managed to extract payment for Unique handicrafts, India for about 1100USD which was really even less than the salary+commission that they owed me. Mr Ali too avoids BBM contact and phone calls from me and so does his accountant Ms. Elisa Hernandez. I??m arranging the payment defaulted by them since I have to maintain my credibility. I only consider my self lucky that Im not in a deeper hole because of these people.

THE AMOUNT MENTIONED IN THE MAIL MAYBE INSIGNIFICANT BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER WEATHER ITS A DOLLAR OR MILLION DOLLARS. WHAT IS OWED TO OTHERS HAS TO BE PAID AND WHAT IM TRYING TO CONVEY IS THE DISHONEST INTENTION OF THIS COMPANY AND ITS PEOPLE. IT IS MY SINCERE REQUEST THAT YOU DO NOT FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP THAT I DID ESPECIALLY WITH A BIGGER SUM OF MONEY. As part of my campaign to stop this people, I??m also lodging a complaint on It takes some time to put up but please put your own if you don??t see it in any other similar website or forum. Please register if you had similar experience with this company and forward this mail to all your contacts. You can contact me anytime on my mail to verify facts in this mail. No matter what, I will continue to dedicate my time to this cause. If you are an employee of SAC Steel and have had such similar experience/doubt, you would know I??m right, wind your affairs with SAC and Quit!

If you are a customer, please do not give any money in advance to SAC. They do not have any money that they claim and are not big enough to do anything close to their marketing propaganda! I??m very sure Omar will call me a sinister guy with mal-intentions etc etc to defend himself. That is the manner in which he described sales managers who left before or with me. Please feel free to take clarifications from me.

Shrenik Shah

Ex-SAC Employee



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