Posted on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 at 7:17pm CDT by 4b98e87f

Product: La Lachera Milk

Company: Nestle

Location: 800 N. Brand Blvd
GLENDA, CA, 91203, US

Category: Food

I purchased 2 cans of Nestle's worthless La Lechera canned milk. I will never purchase any of their products again.

I have never come across a product where you cannot open it with a can opener, but the label is full of different colored strands of hair with roots and hundreds of metal shards flying all over my kitchen while trying to open the can. Not only is Nestle's products unsanitary and unsafe.

When a company manufacture products that is dangerous to consumers health and they put up roadblocks to prevent the consumer from contacting them in the case of an emergency, whether via website or by phone, this company should not be allowed to continue to sell their products.

I have informed the store where I purchased the products and I have asked them to pull this company's product until they can prove that they can produce a safe product for consumers.



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