Xionix, Inc - Xionix takes your money, but ignores your pleas for help.

Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 3:59pm CDT by c6b02b54

Product: RegDefense

Company: Xionix, Inc

Location: 607 E. Technology Ave #B
Orem, UT, 84097, US

URL: http://www.xionix.com/

Category: Other

This complaint is against RegDefense d.b.a. Xionix.

I have been a customer of Xionix for approximately three years. I used their RegDefense program to speed up my computer's performance and eliminate errors in order to keep my computer running smoothly and in good working order. I have had no problems with the program itself. My complaint is with their customer service - or lack thereof.

Until February of this year, I have had no need to contact them. However, my computer "crashed and burned," and I had to purchase a new computer. I tried to transfer my account over to the new computer, but it will not let you do so until you close out your account on the old computer. That is impossible to do since the old computer will not turn on.

I emailed RegDefense through their customer support which they offer to their customers. The address they post for this is http://www.xionix.com/support/contact.php. I have been emailing RegDefense several times a week since February explaining the situation and asking for help in resolving this issue. They have not responded once over these last two months! I had just renewed my yearly subscription three months before this happened, and I consider their act of ignoring my pleas for help to be totally abusive by now. They have no regard for the satisfaction of their customers. They certainly want your money, but God forbid if you every have a problem, because you cannot get any person to respond to you in order to resolve an issue. I have even asked them to cancel my account and refund my money. Still, no response!

RegDefense is fine as long as you do not have to contact them. They claim they are an "Award Winning Company." In my opinion, the only award they win is the award for "No Customer Service What-so-ever." If you have any problems, you might as well forget about it. This company seems to not know, or care, that you exist - I don't even know if they have any people working for them; it doesn't appear that they do.

One very ignored customer.


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