Rite Aid #10500 - Rude Pharmacy Tech

Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 5:46pm CDT by Alex P.

Company: Rite Aid #10500

Location: 2645 S. Broad St
Trenton, NJ, 08611, US

URL: http://www.RiteAid.com/

Category: Other

My fiancee went to your pharmacy today and the girl working the counter was a total bitch. She was inconsiderate, unhelpful, rude, and used an unprofessional tone with my fiancee. It got to the point where my fiancee asked to speak to the manager. The manager on duty was professional and helpful. But at that point, the damage to Rite Aid's credibilty was done. She needs to understand that she's at a job, not at the mall with her friends. She needs to check her attitude at the door and act like a professional. Especially when she works at the pharmacy counter!


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