LifeWatch USA - Terrible Service - Beware

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 11:46am CDT by ff046a2b

Company: LifeWatch USA

Location: Ca, US


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My elderly mother (age 82) signed up for LifeWatch USA services in August of 2011. The equipment was received in September 2011, but it did not work with her phone. My mother tried to negotiate with LifeWatch for 3-months before asking for my help. Given her difficulties with them, mom decided not to accept replacement equipment, and was trying to cancel her LifeWatch service. I began working with LifeWatch's accounting/billing department in late December of 2011. I returned the faulty equipment and was told that my mother would receive a full refund of her money. In late January of 2012 I called to check the status of mom's claim and was told that in order to receive a refund LifeWatch would need a signed "Refund Request." LifeWatch emailed the form, and the signed version was faxed to their office on February 1st. 8-weeks later my mom still has not received her refund. I called LifeWatch again today, and was met with considerable resistance to processing the claim. The LifeWatch representative initially told me that LifeWatch did not owe a refund, but later agreed that they did. Then, the representative stated that LifeWatch did not receive the signed Refund Request, until I informed them that I had a fax receipt confirming that it was received. The representative then stated that someone from accounting would have to call me back to discuss the matter further, but refused to transfer the call to this person. I seriously doubt that I will receive a return call. So 8-months later my mother never received services from LifeWatch, and has not received a refund of her money as agreed. Although I believe that this type of service is important, I would not recommend LifeWatch USA to anyone.


ff046a2b, 2012-04-13, 09:00AM CDT

After posting this complaint, I notified Evan Sirlan (Pres & CEO of LifeWatch) and provided him with a link to review this complaint. He gave the matter his immediate attention and the company issued a refund check to my mother the same day, which was received~4 days later. Finally!

LifeWatch S., 2013-03-05, 07:37PM CST

I plan to contact CEO and tell them of how one of his unscrupulous employees tricked my mother into signing up (she's in assisted living with an alert system, but easily falls for all cold calls and junk mail requests...). Completely unethical if you ask me to target elderly/vulnerable people with frightening calls. Now fighting to get a refund. I cannot reach anyone at the company, just their 'answering service' who refuse to tell me when I can call to meet an actual rep. I am reporting them to the BBB and the state and city elderly services authorities since this type of corporate behavior shouldn't be allowed.

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