Southern Living, Inc. - Southern Living so bad it's funny

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 3:45pm CDT by 3bce4b37

Product: Southern Living Magazine

Company: Southern Living, Inc.

Location: 2100 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL, 35209, US


Category: Other

This magazine used to be great for collecting recipes and tips on gardening. It is now a rag used to sell trendy crap to idiots. Yes I know that's blunt but when their idea of an affordable meal in Charlseton includes a eight dollar sandwich made with kimchi they have fallen out the back of their heads. I live in a lovely town called Camden in SC and although Southern Living has featured Camden they have clearly never been there. They included an article telling of the beautiful experience of attending the yearly race here at Springdale Race Track. I'm amazed they didn't say it was the favorite of the elite. Unfortunately despite SL's gracious and yearly article about this event it is notorious for being a magnet for people that like to overdo it on alcohol and the word sunstroke is used frequently. This year SL failed to mention the 220 arrests one for college students having sex in the horse trailers. They also forgot about the young woman who drank so much she had to be revived by paramedics who happened to see her as her "friends" were too drunk to notice her laying on the ground. The truth is SL doesn't visit or attend these functions they simply write what they think. That coupled with the adverts every other page have made me an ex SL reader. Don't waste your money on this magazine. There are too many websites that will give you a good idea what's worth seeing and what's not. This magazine is far too trendy for a true southerner.


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