Sandra Elsley Marriage and Family Therapist - Sandra Elsley - pretending to be psychologist

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 12:28am CDT by 07d6f362

Product: family Therapy

Company: Sandra Elsley Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 6002 Mountaingate Dr.


Category: Health, Beauty

Falsely professed to be a licensed psychologist. Ms. Elsley has listed herself in the phone book and on web sites as a psychologist. Ms. Elsley is not registered in Ontario. Beware.


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85f6d30e, 2012-04-26, 07:22PM CDT

This is a malicious and false claim listed by a member in her community with a personal vendetta. She is not identified as a psychologist and will tell you over the phone she is not a doctor nor can she prescribe medication to you. Beware the false accusations about Sandra Elsley, as they all sound the same and are coming from the same person. There is a public trading company under the name John Bordynuik Inc, in which Sandra Elsley was a major investor in and her shares were stolen from her. Sandra's name has been slandered across the internet as a result of Sandra suing the company for her shares to be rightfully returned to her. The SEC has charged John Bordynuik of fraud and people are blaming Sandra Elsley for exposing him, even though there were many obvious leads to expose fraudulent activity. John Bordynuik, also Sandra's ex-fiance, although he tries to deny that because it looks so very bad on his moral the way he used her, loves to dig up the smallest information about people and turn them into the large fabrications. It is also what makes him a psychopath.

dd7fdbda, 2012-09-18, 07:01AM CDT

Sandra Elsley is busy writing a new book entitled Taking Stock - an enlightening and humorous look at sociopathy, greed, personal survival and trimuph. Look for it in 2013.

cb428643, 2013-08-17, 06:22PM CDT

Read up on the incredible scams surrounding the JBII (otc ticker), complete with a complicated array of manipulative paid and likely criminal stock promotors trying to milk investors for years, and how Sandra Elsley got entangled with that freak show through a relationship with one of the prime culprits, and now is being defamed as a perp instead of a victim. Heck, I was simply doing due diligence on the company and posing questions and eventually suspicions and began getting daily death threats trying to discourage my research. And I was just looking into the co, not even related to it !

See IHUB web site , SEC complaints and Seeking Alpha all have excellent expos?s on that zoo that posted the above criticism.

Lisa E., 2015-02-26, 09:44PM CST

How do you explain Algae Dynamics? Sandra Elsley, family therapist, scammed people to invest in the company she was an officer of promising huge returns. A detailed expose on the scam is written here:

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