Sideline Painting Inc - Money Hungry Painter

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 6:55pm CDT by 922d0f3a

Product: Painter

Company: Sideline Painting Inc

Location: Phoenix Arizona

Category: Building, Construction

When I requested a price to paint the inside of my small home (1330 sq ft) from 4 different painters, three of them gave me a price around $200 from each other the forth one (Sideline Painting Inc) gave me a price around $1300 more then everyone else. Now I must tell you I live in a senior development.So seniors beware of painters like this one, he is only interested in taking your money. When I question him he told me that he was happy I said something because he really did not feel like painting my home . What he was really saying is that he got caught trying to take my wallet all the way to his bank account. So if you live in Arizona and you are looking for a painter do not use this guy unless you have money to burn.

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Robert Allyn L., 2012-04-20, 11:44AM CDT


Get a clue.

Tradesmen with a good reputation and busy schedules often quote high to A: Keep there waiting lists shorter B: Not get jobs that are going to be dificult or substancialy more expensive that the square foot quote sytem shows. C: Charge more because they are not fly by night operations and must pay for like bonding, permits where aplicable, business licences, workmans comp, actually covering warranty issues, unemployment coverage that the other guys don't bother with and on and on.

I hope your cheapo painter does a good job. Because by taking the cheap quote you may open yourself to a whole bunch of hurt.

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