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Location: SAW IMMOBILIARE & SERVIZI SRL Via Ovidio, 10

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I just wanted to share my horrible housing experience with my landlord in Rome, Italy. Of course I will explain my motivation and why I am doing that a little bit later in this thread. I ve been living in flatshare for years in different city and countries, but I never had such a bad experience before that!

The landlord in question is a company named SAW Immobiliare & Servizi srl, represented by a lady named Anna Maria she always refuses to give her surname and strives not to disclose any clue on her identity.

That company provides flatsharing accommodation to individuals. The company owns quite a few flats in towns and relies on well known online advertisers in the field, like or (under the pseudonym of ANNA MARIA for instance). The lady even looks like an easy going person from first hand impression, although after a few months the nightmare begins.

Basically the housing contract includes housekeeping services, a cleaning lady working for the company indeed comes every week for that work, which looks like a good think at the beginning. It seems that almost every time this person is coming, she s also counting the number of converts, knifes, glasses and so on. Every time a glass or a cup is missing (might be broken for instance), she s coming back the week after with a brand new set of 6 glasses/cups and the old ones disappear. Then the landlord contacts the flatmates and asks for a total reimbursement of these sets. I know that looks incredible, although unfortunately it happens to me and my flatmate three times so far. In other word, if you break 2 old glasses one on the 1st of this current month and another one on the 20th, then you ll have to pay for a set of 12 brand new glasses because the remaining old one will have been replaced twice in the meantime. Incredible, but true! Quick note on the side, you ll never see any kind of invoice, but the company will not forget to remind you every month from then that you have to pay this balance. I m suspecting that the old glasses, cups or plates are moving from a flatshare to another.

Anyway, another example would be their attempt to charge me for some extra work. The cleaning lady can unexpectedly start some extra work that the company will charge you for. She did that for the terrace that I was about to clean myself and then the company charged me for 50 Euros. The same happened for the cooking plates (10 Euros), which is normally part of the baseline cleaning work she does. Once they also told me that the sink was clogged, and they called a plumber that made the work before they charged me for an amount of 40 Euros. The worst is in both cases I had never solicited that work. No invoice has never been showed, nor any kind of evidence for this extra work.

Some stuffs were also declared as lost by the owner (fruit plate), some other disappeared from the flat (microwave, tea kettle) before they noticed us that these were actually found broken. But of course we never had stolen any fruit plates. And we never broke these old equipments. That sounds like really crazy, isn t it?!! Those have never been replaced, although they came to populate an even longer bill that the landlord is sending out to us every month.

The above were only a few examples of the kind of unbelievable thinks they can charge you.

Last thing because this note becomes a bit too long but there is so much too say! Once the cleaning lady moved some of my belonging from the corridor to the basement from which she always keeps the key with her. I don t know why, but that made me very very furious, like anyone would be! The belongings in question were my skis, and this happened just before my ski holidays! I realized that on the departure date while I was packing up. It was already too late and because the company didn t pick up the phone, I had to rent some skis instead of using mine. That was the straw that broke the camel s back, really! It appeared that sometimes the landlord was also coming to our home without any notice and we don t really know why she actually has the double keys. She s been asked by us not to do so, but she keeps doing it occasionally.

Maybe you re wondering why I m writing this note? On one hand I d like to advise anyone who hear about this landlord, to really consider avoiding them. Even if the apartment looks great, woth the money and the landlord really nice. These people just don t have any respect for your privacy and want to steal your money using arbitrary ways to achieve this. More to the point, they re symply not honest at all. On the over hand, I m currently in conflict with the landlord, from whom I m refusing to pay for the hundreds of euros she s claiming for the above arbitrary reasons. So I m using this public note for some kind of blackmail you ll understand. I ve never done that before, but exceptional circumstances require exceptional response.

As I said earlier, I am not the only person having experienced that kind of abuse from these people. I ve been living in a lot of different flatshare so far; I m quite discrete and sociable person. But I ve never seen that before. I m still having troubles to believe what happened!

If you have any enquiry, please contact me and I ll do as much as I can to help you.


Landlord s details

ANNA MARIA 0039 34 85 11 39 46 - [email protected]


Via Ovidio, 10 00193 ROMA


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