Davison Inventions - Davison Inventions told me I wasted their time

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 7:13pm CDT by f1c5e099

Company: Davison Inventions

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, 17603, US

URL: http://www.davison.com/

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I was contracted with Davison Inventions to pursue "pre-development" work. This was about 800.00 to pursue. No big deal...

Now let me preface this with the fact that I had ONLY signed the contract to pursue this initial stage. I had not in any way agreed to pursue any other services through Davison. I paid the ~800 in full right away.

They had put together the pre-development work, to completion, and mailed it to me...

A few days after I received my package, both of my "backers" had to drop out due to financial reasons.

I emailed Sean Jones, my sales rep, and told him that I wasn't able to pursue the 2nd stage (licensing presentations/prototype,etc).

When I told Sean to close my account, I was replied to, via email, with the words "What a waste of time, I will close it now."... ... ... That was it. No "sorry for your troubles", no "best of luck", rather an email telling me that, EVEN THOUGH I FULFILLED MY OBLIGATION OF PAYING THE 800.00, I wasted their time...

If Sean thought that I was going to be pursuing the next step, that was an assumption on his part. If they offer services in stages, and we decided to pursue ONLY THE FIRST STAGE, how would that be a waste of time? I just don't get it...

If this was a "Waste of time", then I would expect a full refund of my 800 dollar, waste of time, investment.

Knowing that the pursuit of my invention from start to finish, was going to be between 8 and 12 grand... I would expect a significantly higher level of service and, even more so, professionalism.

I email the CCA and called and left a voicemail for their "president"... No response from the CCA, but I did get an email from some lady in response to my email. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to understand what I was communicating. She kept speaking over top of me and eluding the point of professionalism lacking in my time with Davison. She kept repeating herself saying "we fulfilled our obligation"...

I am not speaking to their obligation.. The bottom line is, don't tell someone who paid for a service that it was a "waste of time".

My issue was not resolved. And the woman that called me back, told me that the decision to not give me a refund for this "waste of time" was coming "Straight from the president"...

Fellow Inventors, do not "waste time" by even thinking about contacting Davison. I would hate for anyone else to receive the same lack of service and professionalism that I did.

Again, I invested additional time emailing their CCA (which has been responding to just about every complaint with the same canned email), and calling the "President"...

I feel like a fool for investing a dime. Don't do the same.

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f1c5e099, 2012-04-20, 12:56PM CDT

I posted this complaint. As of 4/20/2012, Davison has made things right and I withdraw my complaint.

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